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suggestions for hiding small bump in the office needed!

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CakeInMyFace Mon 16-Feb-15 13:09:51

Hi all
I'm only 9 weeks but have a definite bump already (it is my second pregnancy) and am really struggling with work clothes! I don't want anyone to know yet here as I'm about to start a new role within the same company so wanting to keep it hidden for as long as I can.

I'm quite petite and slim normally so the extra weight really shows and most of my wardrobe consists of wrap dresses, slim fitting / semi-clingy jersey dresses / pencil skirts which are WAY too tight now.

Any suggestions on clothing that conceals well? I'm a bit hesitant to go too crazy yet on maternity clothes but will if I have to (I'm alot smaller than when I got pregnant the first time so none of my previous mat clothes work for me anymore!

Thanks in advance. :-)

SecretSpy Mon 16-Feb-15 13:11:26

start talking loudly about slimming world or weightwatchers. grin

Zahrah5 Mon 16-Feb-15 13:14:37

Wear drapey scarfs, big long necklaces and open suit jackets or cardigans. They distract and act as focal point. Also patterned dresses.

BeansInBoots Mon 16-Feb-15 13:14:57

Yeah, I'd actually second the above. Lots of grumbling about stress of a new role, sick dc at home, stressed out dp, no time to eat properly..
And I've seen suggested on here a few times that scarves aparently draw your eye away from the stomach, which might help..

onepieceoflollipop Mon 16-Feb-15 13:19:23

I kept moving the button on the same pair of dark work trousers, and made more of a feature/distraction of tops. I got away with it to 14 weeks, even then no one noticed (and my waist is usually very small), someone asked me why I wasn't entering a fun run and I finally told them my news!

hestialou Mon 16-Feb-15 13:20:03

I am 8 weeks and finding similar, when someone mentioned it I said time of the month....hopefully gives me a few weeks.

Chillyegg Mon 16-Feb-15 13:20:30

Big floaty tops
Those big long floaty scarves that drape over your tummy

HazleNutt Mon 16-Feb-15 13:29:06

Blouses, especially the ones with gathering at the bottom. I'm 19 weeks with my 2nd and most colleagues haven't noticed anything. Something like this, especially if worn under a jacket:

Artandco Mon 16-Feb-15 13:35:18

Dresses where they are tighter around top then loose underneath. Chunky necklaces or scarfs. Blazer so you can't see bump side on

carbolicsoaprocked Mon 16-Feb-15 13:38:04

People started noticing I was looking bigger about 12/13 weeks but I could have hidden it until about 18 weeks I reckon with the use of big long drapy scarves (I used these as didn't want to tell customers until I had to). Choose ones in bright colours or with eye-catching patterns to draw the eye away from bump.

GothicRainbow Mon 16-Feb-15 13:42:37

I found wearing floaty tops etc actually got people gossiping more. I started to wear very structured clothes, flared/bootcut trousers and blazers with chunky jewellery or long scarves and even after I had announced my pregnancy people didn't really notice.

Gunpowder Mon 16-Feb-15 13:43:00

I've disguised my pregnancy up to 28 weeks. YY to blouses, darker colours, patterns and open blazers.

I think structured stuff in size bigger than your pre pregnancy clothes can hide a bump better than maternity clothes, which tend to show it off.

Gunpowder Mon 16-Feb-15 13:44:10

X post with Gothic about structured clothes. smile

Stillyummy Mon 16-Feb-15 13:46:05

Ask to borrow a tampon off the office gossip.

Ilikemashpotatoe Mon 16-Feb-15 13:50:00

I used waterfall jackets/blazers. They're floaty and you can easily hide underneath it. Also great for when your bigger as you can use them whilst pregnant or not smile

CakeInMyFace Mon 16-Feb-15 13:52:14

Thanks everyone - good ideas! Think people would definitely notice if I suddenly started wearing floaty tops or even trousers (I have never worn trousers to the office before!)

Good idea about the scarves - perhaps will dive to Primark and pick up a few big ones - I'm always moaning about how cold it is in here so if anyone notices I can say something about that. I have a plain black wrap dress so could add some different coloured scarves to that. Just remembered I also have a jersey summer dress which has an empire line so could wear that with big scarf too.

Love the tampon idea Stilly! I could keep a box open in my drawer and gradually start emptying the box! I'm amazed some of you could keep it hidden to 18 weeks...I'll be lucky to get to 12 at this rate!

GothicRainbow Mon 16-Feb-15 13:59:13

Get some structured jackets to wear with the scarves over your dresses - I did this a lot!

GothicRainbow Mon 16-Feb-15 14:01:09

This kind of thing

CakeInMyFace Mon 16-Feb-15 14:05:23

Thanks for the photo - could pull that off - will have a rummage this evening!

pinkie1982 Mon 16-Feb-15 16:54:43

Patterned dresses for me too. I'm only on first pregnancy but had bloating until 13w then bump ever since. I'm 19w and ppl can't believe I'm only that far along shock

aneesa28 Mon 16-Feb-15 17:58:02

Swing dresses, definitely. I only started showing through those at 25w, until then the few that did know at work kept remarking how I don't look pregnant.

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