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What to expect in the first week. Help?

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mrsdicaprio Mon 16-Feb-15 07:36:09

Ok so I've read lots of things for first time mums sort if outlying what to expect when baby first arrives home, but does anyone have any tips for coping in the first few days when you already have a small toddler at home?
Starting to wonder how I'll cope. Please tell me it's not terrifying!

tryingtocatchthewind Mon 16-Feb-15 07:38:26

Cbeebies and take every offer of help. I have a three year old and a three month old and I'm not going to lie and say it's easy but it's better than I thought. The newborn will sleep lots for the first few weeks which will help get your toddler adjusted.

ilikepie Mon 16-Feb-15 07:41:06

Stock up on a selection of little toys that you can dish out to toddler when you really need them to be quiet/distracted/if you need to bf without being climbed on.

Have lots of toddler meals prepped and frozen for easy reheating, so if you want to exist on toast you know toddler has got proper and easy meals ready. Also stock up on toddler snacks and a few treats.

ilikepie Mon 16-Feb-15 07:43:00

And little activity packs; colouring books, bead threading, simple puzzles, things to keep them busy. And try and get out to do a walk or playground a few times a week. You'll manage fine.

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