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10 weeks pg and still no symptoms!

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Wavedancer Mon 23-Oct-06 13:21:40

Should I be worried? If it weren't for 3 +ve tests and no periods, I really would have no idea that I'm pg.

My boobs have got a bit bigger, but other than that, I've had no tiredness, no sickness, nothing.

In many ways I'm thanking my lucky stars, as I've been really busy with work and the last thing I needed was to feel poorly. But then I keep reading about how lack of sickness can be a sign of impending m/c.

I do have my first scan in two weeks' time so of course that will give me the answers, but right now I'm feeling impatient and slightly concerned.

If anyone can reassure me (or otherwise!) on the lack of symptoms, I'd love to hear of your experiences/views.

Thanks everyone.

Tutter Mon 23-Oct-06 13:23:23

try not to worry. every pg is different. i had no symptoms whatsoever - boobs stayed same size throughout pregnancy (), no metallic taste, no sickness.

not long til your scan - good luck with it.

Iklboo Mon 23-Oct-06 13:23:36

I didn't have any symptoms until I was about 18-20 weeks or so (except for sore boobs). I didn't even have any nausea, never mond morning sickness. I've never heard that no morning sickness = m/c

DumbledoresGirl Mon 23-Oct-06 13:26:00

Symptoms aren't obligatory! I was the same as you - the only way I knew I was pregnant was the lack of period and the line on the pregnancy test. I used to keep looking at the test stick and checking my knickers for the start of a period weeks into the pregnancy.

You say your boobs are bigger. I used to find that the veins above and in my breasts became more noticable - have you noticed that too? because that is another sure sign of pregnancy.

Good luck with the scan. For me, it was the first time I had real evidnce of being pregnant and it was very exciting!

Glassofslime Mon 23-Oct-06 13:30:15

Had to reply - I was the same with dd1 I even went to the gp in tears asking for an early scan as I was so worried (had been reading too many books). In the end I got myself into such a state that I paid for a private scan was about £100 - I was about 10 weeks. It wasn't really a waste of money as I did sleep much better after the scan. However DH said that all this hysterical behaviour was out of character and proof in itself that I was suffering symptoms of the hormonal kind - or should I say he was! Anyway - it was the same with all my babies and all three were perfect. Symptoms started around 12 weeks - just tiredness.

moomimin Mon 23-Oct-06 13:37:41

Hello wavedancer and congratulations on your pregnancy. I too am 10 weeks pregnant but have felt really bad with this pregnancy. However I already have two children and like you felt absoulutly nothing with either of them. Both of my first pregnancys were a breeze, Other than this large growth appearing more and more I couldn't tell I was pregnant. Oh except at the end when I had to go to the loo in the middle of the night. Very annoying All pregnancys are different. Good luck with it and count your lucky stars, I certainly prefered my previous pregnancys to this one so far.

Come and join us over on the antenatal thread. I presume you are due in May 07. We would love to have you on board and use the thread daily to talk about anything, well mainly pregnancy.

LieselVonTrappDoor Mon 23-Oct-06 14:24:18

I wouldnt have had any idea either, in fact I thought when I went for my scan that they would pick up an image of an empty uterus. Got a fright when I saw wee hands waving.

elliepmummy Mon 23-Oct-06 19:34:47

No symptons here for any of pg (1 DD, 1 m/c and am currently 28weeks)didnt really have sore boobs, no metalli taste, no nausea etc. Have disovered having another girl so maybe thats why ??

Piffle Mon 23-Oct-06 19:36:07

lucky you no symptoms

taylormama Tue 24-Oct-06 08:28:38

hi - i was convinced i couldn't be PG because i didn't have my head down the loo continually! I did 4 tests (they are expensive aren't they!) and couldn't quite believe it until i had a scan. I also read an article about missed m/c and freaked myself out - i won't tell you not to worry because you probably will, but enjoy feeling good during your PG - you are lucky!!!!

prettymummified Tue 24-Oct-06 08:46:20

i was like that with both pregnancies!! consider yourself one of the lucky ones

had the best pregnancies, easy going, bumps not too big, and the labours weren't too bad!

sockmonkey Tue 24-Oct-06 08:55:02

I wouldn't worry. It took till 12 weeks for me to start feeling sick..not that I am wishing that on you! With both mine I worried that i was just making it up... until the scan.
Hope you have a fab pregnancy... I am just slightly jealous

schmizaj Tue 24-Oct-06 12:28:54

Please don't panic. I did and worst time of my pregnancy (now 37 weeks). No symptoms and did another pregnancy test which only had a very faint +ve line... DH was totally freaked out, convinced it had gone wrong and we were resigned to bad news. As it happens everything was totally fine, and I've had a lovely easy pregnancy thus far.

Of course you can never be sure until you have the scan, but no point worrying yourself until you have all the facts! Difficult I know but don't jump to conclusions.

lazyemma Tue 24-Oct-06 12:43:43

don't worry, Wavedancer - there are lots of people like you - just do a search on these boards for "no symptoms" and see.

Motley1 Tue 24-Oct-06 13:21:06

the only symptom i had when i was pregnant was that i felt healthier than i had ever done before. Although, 3 1/2 years on that's all a hazy memory and has given way to being exhausted and a bit porky!

One of my friends is 37 weeks just now and has had no symptoms either until she started feeling the baby move later in her pregnancy.

Don't fret, and i'm sure once you see your baby in the scan you will relax and just enjoy it.

oh.... and congratulations!!

Shoeshopper Tue 24-Oct-06 13:26:19

I think that you're so lucky, there are loads of people that I've heard of that felt wonderful from day one... and I hope for you that you have a totally fabulous pregnancy.
(morning sickness is from HELL and I'm sure that people say that being sick means it's good, say that because they don't know what else to say or how to console you.)

Wavedancer Tue 24-Oct-06 13:33:07

Thanks everyone for your replies, they have definitely helped to reassure me. It seems we can't win; either we feel really ill and it's horrible or feel totally fine and go into full panic mode!

I am going to try and relax now for the next 10 days leading up to my scan (which I am soooo excited about).

busybusymum Tue 24-Oct-06 13:52:06

I had no symptoms until week 11 with all my pregnancies and then at week 12 I got a stinking cold and sore throat! At first we thought it was just the normal cold but it was at 11-12 weeks with each one.

I know what you mean i spent a fortune on pg tests as i keep thinking I should be feeling something! Gotta be better than morning sickness!

Sexonlegs Tue 24-Oct-06 14:57:45

It's so worrying not knowing what is going on in there isn't it. I had no signs with dd until about 12 weeks, when I had nausea for a few weeks.

I am now 13 weeks pg with number 2, and feel rubbish!

Good luck with the pregnancy, and try to relax.

lesley1417 Tue 24-Oct-06 15:09:32

hi i work in an early pregnancy ward. sore /bigger boobs are as good a sign as any.however you can never be 100% positive-but id say this to someone with every sign immaginable!!!!

Teaandcake Tue 24-Oct-06 19:57:27

Hi, I am 20 weeks pg and have to constantly remind myself that I'm pregnant.

The only early symptoms were lack of periods and tiredness which wore off by about 13-14 weeks.

We really didn't believe it was true until the first scan, we were both quite stunned!

Even now I have no bump and can still wear my usual trousers (I'm quite big anyway so its not as though I'm looking fabulous in size 10s or anything).

Also havn't had any movements from within yet. Everyone keeps asking me about it so am getting a bit paranoid about it now.

We go for our second scan on Friday (huzzah!) so will probably be just as stunned as the first time to see its actually really there!

I too have worried quite a lot about the lack of symptoms, we really should count ourselves lucky that we havn't suffered in the way that so many expectant mums do. I guess its just normal to worry about everything, including feeling well - bizzare!

shilpa02 Tue 10-Jul-07 12:47:07

hi all,

please give me some suggestions , these is my first pregancy i am 6 weeks pregnent and absolutly have no symptoms i too worried so much becaz other then the positive pregancy test i have no eveidency that i am pregnent and very min i get doudt is it right or wrong and in the middle of night daily i am get stomach pain as the pain get at time of periods is these common ....please any one reply

toomanyshoes Tue 10-Jul-07 13:00:22

Hi shilpa02, try not to worry, 6 weeks is incredibly early and most people don't feel different at your stage of pregnancy. It's also very normal to get a few aches and pains as everything starts to move about and stretch. Sure it will all be fine. Good luck with your pregnancy!

uberalice Tue 10-Jul-07 13:09:28

I had virtually no symptoms when I was expecting ds2. I got myself really worked up about it, convinced that it was another m/c (I'd had one a few months before), but he's here, he's healthy, and he's lovely.

shilpa02 Wed 11-Jul-07 11:29:09

hi uberalice&toomanyshoes

Thank u very much for urs reply.i am much worried becaz on of my friend said that pregnancy with symptoms means healthy baby with means not having healthy baby .know urs replies helped me.

thanks bye

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