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a 16 week scan... should i panic?

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GoldenPenguin Sun 15-Feb-15 17:04:32

Hi everyone,

I'm 14+1 weeks pregnant and went for my official dating scan last Wednesday. As im type 1 diabetic and already had a miscarriage I had a scan at 10 weeks as well.

Everything looked great and the sonographer even mentioned that everything looked fine and said i would have another scan at 18 and 22 weeks due to being diabetic.

Well oddly I received a scan appointment for 16 weeks and a further appointment the week prior for the fechal medical clinic.

I am panicking something is wrong and thats why appointments have been brought forward but surely they would phone me in advance? I want to think it would be deemed cruel to make a woman wait weeks to hear bad news but i cant shame a feeling of dred.

Help sad

bonzo77 Sun 15-Feb-15 17:10:15

I'd call them about it. Probably an admin error, or there might not have been an appointment at 18 weeks so they're doing it early.

blackwidow74 Sun 15-Feb-15 17:21:25

Sounds like you've been booked in with a consultant due to your diabetes ... or you have received an appointment that is meant for someone else. A quick call to the midwife will verify if she has referred you for assessment to see if you will be consultant or midwife led smile

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