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Gestational diabetes - 35 weeks

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Kemlex13 Fri 13-Feb-15 21:21:03

Last night ended in triage with severe headaches and reduced movements, told my headaches were due to being exhausted and told to rest (hahaha with a 1 yo and 4 yo no chance!) had to go back today for a scan and baby is HUGE! 6lb 12 (bigger than my youngest born) his tummy is massive, way off the chart. They are now worried about gestational diabetes... I'm half pissed off that I've had all symptoms for months andfobbed off and told "it's common in pregnancy" "it's because you're anaemic" and "you need to take it easier" they also mentioned tests for some infection he may have which is why his tummy is soooo big!

I've to go back Monday for more tests. I guess I'm just looking for advice/ reassurance. Feeling really down right now sad

I made the mistake of consulting Dr google... Still birth, broken shoulders and preterm labour (which I'm already high risk of!)

FruitySalad Fri 13-Feb-15 21:56:49

Hi Kem, I'm no expert on GD having just been diagnosed at 32 weeks, 35 now, but there is a GD support thread on the pregnancy board somewhere which is good, I'm useless at linking!

Think how reassured you'll be once the tests are done and you know what's what. It might be nothing, but if not then you'll get extra care for you and your baby to minimise and remove the risks of all the things Dr Google has told you about. I spent a weekend sobbing and reading google searches on GD convincing myself every possible complication might happen.

Take it one step at a time and you'll have a gorgeous wee newborn in your arms before you know it.

NoRoomForALittleOne Sat 14-Feb-15 10:41:05

Hop on over to the gestational diabetes support thread and there is a whole group of us who can help you smile

NoRoomForALittleOne Sat 14-Feb-15 10:41:27

And step away from Google!

Kemlex13 Sat 14-Feb-15 11:20:07

Thanks ladies I'll pop over now. I don't know why I insist on google. The amount of times I've been dead lol

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