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Shooting pains in bottom & peeing more frequently

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rebeal78 Thu 12-Feb-15 19:07:39


Just looking for reassurance really...I am 14 weeks 1day pregnant n have been experiencing shooting pains in my bum (apologies for tmi). Also I thought as u move into 2nd trimester the need to pee reduces but mine seems to have increased. Am Soooo worried as I can't help thinking it maybe related to cervical problems...Am I just being paranoid? I have a suture in place from my 3rd pregnancy...this is my 5th. Ive had 2 late miscarriages in the past hence my 3rd pregnancy having a suture put in. 4th pregnancy ended in mmc @ 10wks & currently in this pregnancy I am so anxious. Every twinge has me on edge n these shooting pains & increased peeing is driving me crazy....apologies for long post

Swanny84 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:28:10

I'm 16+4 and also still weeing a lot still, although it's easing a bit. Also I had shooting pains up my bum but I assumed this was as needed to go to toilet, can't remember if I did but they only lasted a few days on and off (we're really painful tho). I wish you all the best with this baby xx

rebeal78 Fri 13-Feb-15 08:01:50

Thank u swanny84 for your reply smile

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