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Cervical smear at 37 weeks - bad idea?

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highlander Fri 23-Apr-04 02:51:23

My GP has just informed me that, although my cervical cytology is up to date by UK standards, he wants to do another one soon as you're recommended to have them every 2 years in Canada.

He says that he would like to do this at 37wks, along with a GBS swab.

I've said absolutely not. The thought of having a massive metal speculum up my fanny at a time when I feel a bit vulnerable is not good and I'm worried about precipitating labour when I'm having an elective section.

I'm really angry now, as he said we'll discuss this nearer the time. I said the discussion is over - it's not going to happen.

I feel really upset and bullied.

Any thoughts or advice?

toddlerbob Fri 23-Apr-04 05:42:21

Why would a few weeks make such a difference just because you are now in Canada? You are right to feel upset, I would be too.

Which reminds me, I really should get mine done. Your GP would certainly not be very happy with me!

funkydiva Fri 23-Apr-04 07:40:50

You are right to feel upset, I would too - you've got enough going on. I've refused to have a smear (in UK) when I've been pregnant & not had any prob with drs etc. Its not like you are way out of date anyway.
Hope everything goes well!!

hoxtonchick Fri 23-Apr-04 08:11:10

I was told that I couldn't have a smear done when I was pregnant even though mine was due then, & had to wait a few months after I'd had ds so my cervix could settle down before having it.

I don't know how the system works in Canada, but you must be well within your rights to refuse the smear (the swab for GBS is probably worth having though, there are a few threads on here about the importance of it).

LIZS Fri 23-Apr-04 08:29:23

I also didn't think it was recommended during preganancy as the results could be unreliable, let alone the procedure being uncomfortable. Unless you have reason to believe you are at risk I'd wait until post natal check up.

twiglett Fri 23-Apr-04 08:44:07

message withdrawn

gothicmama Fri 23-Apr-04 08:58:55

My GP was fine with me waiting my smear was due at 3months into prg and I was really worried and he saw no prob in waiting as all previous ones had been fine. Just refuse if you do not want to and take someone with you if you can to give you confidence if you haev to go back and him before

sweetkitty Fri 23-Apr-04 14:41:36

I was due one but have been told to wait 6 months after the birth.

highlander Fri 23-Apr-04 19:58:44

thnaks everyone, I feel empowered now

I thought I was just being a silly moo

essbee Fri 23-Apr-04 20:03:32

Message withdrawn

mears Fri 23-Apr-04 20:16:19

essbee - they don't actaully need to be up there for a GBS swab. A smear is done as a high vaginal examination with a speculum. A GBS swab can be done with a low vaginal and rectal swab. The mum can do those herself. A smear taken at 37 weeks is likely to be abnormal due to cellular changes of pregnancy. Best to wait till 6 months postnatal.

highlander Fri 23-Apr-04 20:42:22

cheers mears

essbee Fri 23-Apr-04 21:04:36

Message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 23-Apr-04 21:10:37

message withdrawn

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