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Low fluid - again!

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Ridingthestorm Wed 11-Feb-15 20:55:05

Last pregnancy I had a scan at 36 wks to check the position of the placenta. It was discovered at the scan that my fluid was 8mcms, DS had restricted growth and I was given weekly scans from then on. At 37 wks it was 4mcms and at 38 wks it was 2mcms. No idea about 39 wk scan because I was induced the following day!!! It ended up with a rare reaction to the induction which led to violent contractions, foetal distress, placenta abruption and a uterine tear!

Scheduled growth scans put the fluid at 13.5mcms at 28 wks and DD was growing very well. The placenta was also functioning well too.

Now at 34 wks, I had another growth scan yesterday. DD is still growing, although her growh has dipped on the centile slightly but no cause for concern and the placenta is working fine. But my fluid level was 5.7mcms. I then mentioned that I thought I had been leaking for three weeks but amounts were so small yet frequent; friends told me a 'watery discharge' was normal and put it down to that. As I was also having frequent but irregular braxton hicks, they sent me to triage to check my waters hadn't broken and that I wasn't in early labour.

The monitor picked up strong irregular braxton hicks but said all was well and no evidence of PROM. I had moderate creamy cervical mucus and told any change to let them know.

So I now have weekly scans booked to check the fluid levels. But what is causing this fluid loss???

Placenta fine, no evidence of bladder or kidney problems in the baby, she is growing well and I am drinking well too. Also no evidence of a tear in the membranes.

Booked in for a ELCS on 16th March but can't help but think she will come earlier as past history suggests fluid levels will drop some more.

Any ideas???

Babiecakes11 Thu 12-Feb-15 01:16:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ridingthestorm Thu 12-Feb-15 21:39:37

My waters hadn't broken - at least no evidence internally. Lat time DS didn't replenish his waters; they kept halving each time I went for a scan.
I think the consultant is concerned because of the amount I have lost in 6 weeks (13.5 to 5.7) which oddly, coincided with me returning to work after 13 weeks off due to stress. It hasn't been an easy 5 weeks - relationships fraught with my boss who hasn't even bothered to speak to me, ask me how I am or find out if I am coping! So not sure if stress could be a factor.

Finihs work tomorrow for 40 weeks and I have my 35 weeks scan on Tuesday and hoping for stability or an increase in my waters. It is hard to be optimisitic when you've been through it before.

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