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Badly need advice and opinions please?!

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KaseyW Wed 11-Feb-15 19:03:10

Ok so I had previously posted on this and got a little help but now more is happening I need some other experience and opinions.
First off I haven't had an AF since August 2014. I was having cramps for around a week and a half so decided to take a test which came up a faint positive (it was very visible although faint) that is now two weeks ago. Since then I have had all negatives, however last Thursday I had a very small amount of pink spotting which quickly turned to brown, it wasn't heavy at all, just when wiping really (sorry TMI), possible implantation bleeding? I have had the whole sore breasts, headache, back pain, pinching cramps and I've even been sick once since the potential IB however It is now Wednesday, almost a week after, and I've still not received a positive. Anyone else been in this position at all? Please any advice or info would help put my mind at rest really! Thank you in advance! Xx

KaseyW Wed 11-Feb-15 19:05:10

Sorry forgot to add that I hadn't had AF due to contraception however came off depo in November and haven't used anything since as partner and I prefer to see it as "if it happens it happens" rather than TTC, however these past few weeks have driven me insane not know what my body is doing to me! Xx

blackwidow74 Wed 11-Feb-15 19:06:00

I would suggest making a gp appointment to have bloodwork done for a definitive answer as the home testing is inconclusive with symptoms ... is there a particult reason why your AF has been missing in action since last August? That alone should flag a problem if you were regular before and warrants investigation x

blackwidow74 Wed 11-Feb-15 19:16:46

Urgh the depo ... After just one injection and a bad reaction it took 18 months and three months of fertility drug to kick start my ovulation and to conceive ... I hate depo with a passion!! I would still make the appointment for bloodwork so you have definate proof either way ... and it will go on record and cut the wait time before they start to help if need be ... let them know it's already 5.5 months actively trying ... They won't help until 12 months of no success and go from the time you get it on file ... It can make all the difference smile x

Jaffakake Wed 11-Feb-15 19:53:00

Both times following coming off Depo my periods were back after 6 months. (I'm a fan of the Depo - took it for 14 years!)

It depends what kind of test you've been using. I only ever used the bog standard supermarket or clear blue ones. My understanding is a faint positive us a positive nonetheless. I think the only way of knowing is to have a blood test via your gp. It'd drive me mad not knowing, so I'd go & ask.

KaseyW Wed 11-Feb-15 20:01:08

Thank you both for your answers. I've scheduled to have my bloods done tomorrow, I just worry that with only one faint positive and the rest all negative there's eother something wrong with my hcg levels or it was a potential chemical pregnancy. I guess I won't know for sure until I wait and see if I do get a positive or if AF may finally show. I've had the occasional "oh I've got this symptom, I better take a test in case I am" before but this month is everything all in one. I'm prone to lower back pain however for the past few days me entire back aches. The joys of being one confused female sad xx

KaseyW Fri 13-Feb-15 01:48:29

Not sure if anyone will read this post again but quick update, I had done a hpt yesterday before going to work, went and made a cuppa before looking back at the tests and nothing. So today I decided not to test a wait a couple days. I took the test from yesterday out (I'd put it in my drawer as I was rushing around in the morning) I just so happened to glance at it and low and behold there was another faint positive line! So I'll be testing first thing in the morning! Blood test results are due on Monday but I have a feeling I'll be finding out before then!

applecore0317 Fri 13-Feb-15 05:44:01

finger s crossed OP smile

Jaffakake Fri 13-Feb-15 20:16:05

Oooh, post back & tell us what happens!

KaseyW Sat 14-Feb-15 10:54:28

Hey ladies, well the blood results came back negative! �� I got them early due to having a severe headache and back pain so I had to contact the doctor anyway. I threw up as soon as I went into the doctors toilets due to the smell! I'm still having all these funky symptoms with nothing to show for it. I've read all about people not getting positive results on both blood and urine tests until they're almost in the second trimester but maybe I'm just clutching at straws. I just find it far too coincidental that it's all like text book symptoms. Sorry for TMI but regarding the potential IB, I never spot. I know depo can mess with your system however the fact I had a faint positive before it happened, then when it did happen it was slight red when I wiped which quickly turned to brown then the next day the same thing! As if it had burrowed then burrowed further. I guess I'm just going crazy and hoping rather than thinking realistically. I'll need to put it to the back of my mind and forget about it until something actually happens sad thank you all for your support. I'll keep an update if there's any changes! Xxx

KaseyW Sat 14-Feb-15 10:57:19

I keep hoping that because it's only really a week today since the spotting that maybe it's still early and my body is just being slow sad

blackwidow74 Sat 14-Feb-15 11:19:34

Will keep everything crossed for you hun and will be praying that if this is not your time then it happens very soon x

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