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OMG again!!! Twins?!!

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OMGBabyNo3 Wed 11-Feb-15 18:58:47

So, I have posted on a few threads in the last week or two since discovering I was pregnant with v unexpected 3rd child. Been for an early scan today and she can see one happily beating little heart but also thinks there may be another one behind (currently without a beating heart). They would apparently be identical if there are 2. Does anyone have any experience of discovering they were having twins and finding one with a heartbeat and one without. She said if it is a twin the heartbeat can start later than the other one. I am only 6 weeks so apparently already early to have one heartbeat. I am soooo shocked and now have to wait til 20th for another scan!

weelamb123 Wed 11-Feb-15 19:37:52

Hi there, no personal experience but my sister had twin identical boys. At her 6 week scan, there was only one heartbeat. It wasn't until 12 weeks they seen two babies. Xx

butterflycats Wed 11-Feb-15 19:48:05

Me! Had a scan at 6 weeks 4 weeks ago, 1 fetus with 1 heart beat and 1 yolk sac. Private scan 48 hours ago and 3+6 weeks later... Identical twins one measuring 9+5 and other 9+3! I'm petrified!!

OMGBabyNo3 Wed 11-Feb-15 21:55:10

Thanks both and congratulations Butterfly. Just can't get my head round it all! X

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