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Pregnancy yoga DVD recommendations?

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bubalou Wed 11-Feb-15 10:36:50

Hi all,

Just as the title says really.

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and would like to do some yoga as I've been missing it and there's only regular classes locally.

Have looked on Amazon and there's quite a few. Are there any that people can recommend that they have used?


flopsybunny45 Wed 11-Feb-15 21:51:05

I really rate the tara lee series... I have her latest one and also used her post-natal and yoga with baby dvdd after my last pregnancy. She puts it into manageable chunks so that if you only feel like/have time for 5-10 mins, you can cover certain areas etc. I also have 'yoga for pregnancy' which is quite old school but good... the sections are more like a full length class though, so less easy to fit in but more thorough. Hope this helps!

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