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Has baby turned?

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brightreddress Tue 10-Feb-15 20:24:56

Last week I was getting lots of punching in my ribs and my torso felt very full (i.e. couldn't bend easily) and I am pretty sure the baby was still in a head-up position, like she was sitting on the floor of my womb! It was impossible to sleep and so much kicking.

However, a few days ago something changed and now I am not getting so many big kicks but instead regular general shifting about and also a quite unpleasant feeling almost in my cervix, as though the baby is pinching where it's going to come out! It makes me wince and stop what I'm doing, though I am getting much more sleep. My bump is also a bit lower and more rounded.

Has anyone else had this pinchy feeling in their bits?! I know it is the baby rather than random muscles as I feel her shifting while she's doing it. Before she felt very near the top/front (i.e. I could feel her limbs), and now it feels like she's much lower and further back, I can't really feel any lumps at all.

What has happened?!

brightreddress Tue 10-Feb-15 20:25:31

Whoops should say I'm 31 weeks (baby 2).

Jodie1982 Tue 10-Feb-15 22:36:05

My baby was breech at 34wks, and baby felt exactly the way yours did at the top, luckily baby turned at 36 wks and I could tell as movements felt different and heavier and painful in my pelvis, and OMG the pinchy, lightening feeling in my cervix! Ouch! It sounds like your lil one has shifted. smile

trulyscrumptious33 Tue 10-Feb-15 22:39:47

I have exactly the same transition at about 33 weeks. Before that Infound it very difficult to breathe fully and struggled to eat big portions then one day I felt the bubba do a few somersaults and my bump changed shape entirely. It's much lower down now, and I also had the sharp stinging sensations inside my vagina, although they've subsided a bit now.

My midwife, during the last two visits, said that she felt that the baby was head down so I think it's fairly likely that's the same case with yourself.

sleepybee Wed 11-Feb-15 04:53:17

My baby has been head down all the way through. If I take deep breath in I can feel the head low down just above public bone - midwife showed me this.

brightreddress Wed 11-Feb-15 08:44:23

Ok, thank you all. From one discomfort to the next! I certainly feel much closer to labour now than I did a week ago... exciting!

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