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Did anyone go off meat in pregnancy

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Swanny84 Tue 10-Feb-15 17:48:12

Hi, just that really. I suffered with sickness for first 13 weeks, finally got appetite back smile but still can't stomach meat. Any meat.

Lizzy86 Tue 10-Feb-15 17:53:54

I haven't gone off meat completely other than pork. At the start of my pregnancy i couldnt stand the thought of meat. Now i'm 28 weeks and cant stand anything pork, bacon, sausages etc.

juneau Tue 10-Feb-15 17:57:10

No, I was the other way - I got steak cravings! Not in the first 12 weeks, admittedly, but later on.

woodwaj Tue 10-Feb-15 18:01:37

I did. Had my baby 6 days ago. Meals are all a bit rushed at the mo so haven't cooked properly but the thought of it doesnt bother me now. Baby is fine too!

cathpip Tue 10-Feb-15 18:01:42

Can't stand red meat when pregnant, we live off chicken! Have also gone completely off veg though, it looks rank, tastes rank, even the thought of it makes me shudder.....

figginz Tue 10-Feb-15 18:04:24

Nope. But couldn't bear apples. shock hmm

Slacktacular Tue 10-Feb-15 18:06:07

The other week I was tucking into a roast chicken and said to DH "this chicken tastes dead". You can imagine his response...but it did taste manky to my pregnant tastebuds although there was definitely nothing wrong with it!

m33r Tue 10-Feb-15 18:06:28

Really off chicken! Thought of it makes me want to puke. Was such a staple too so I've strted taking all kinds of veggie options. 34+4 and been like this since about 8 weeks.

Lottiedoubtie Tue 10-Feb-15 18:08:52

Yes went completely off meat. Especially pork - even the thought of it made me hurl (also had HG).

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 10-Feb-15 18:10:28


Gone off chicken, steak, chorizo, etc even some fish.

Force myself to eat mince just.... and will manage salmon if it's not covered in a sauce.

Will eat sausages and bacon easily enough though.

Stupid taste buds angry

HaveTeaWillSurvive Tue 10-Feb-15 18:11:21

First sign of pregnancy with me is that I cannot stand cold meat, cooked is still fine though.

Lunastarfish Tue 10-Feb-15 18:12:08

I can't stomach steak or red meat in general. I'm 18 weeks. Chicken on the other hand, I'm devouring it!! I also went off fish for the first 14 weeks but started eating it again recently

StarOnTheTree Tue 10-Feb-15 18:15:45

I couldn't stomach meat when I was pregnant, all the way through x 3 sad

Jux Tue 10-Feb-15 18:17:02

I did. Couldn't bear the smell of it and certainly couldn't eat it. I rarely ate meat before I got married anyway (dh has to have meat or it's not a meal). I ate bagels with cream cheese and cherry toms throughout pg, almost nothing else, but I was sick for the whole 9 months.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Tue 10-Feb-15 18:21:51

Couldn't stand meat in the first trimester, in the second I was ok with chicken but that was it, now in the third I can eat a small amount of pork. Can't stand sausages or burgers though.

Swanny84 Tue 10-Feb-15 18:28:47

Thank you for all your replies, so glad it's normal and your baby is fine woodwaj. I'm really missing meat, but the thought of it makes me ill, I've tried eating out and tonight I bought a cooked chicken (Incase it was cooking it/smell putting me off) but it is definite no go.....veggie meals here I come xx

Spybot Tue 10-Feb-15 18:28:59

Me too, I was practically vegetarian for both pregnancies. But you don't have to eat meat. Just keep an eye on your iron levels. Consider using an iron frying pan for cooking, it can help get iron into your diet.

HollyAndIvyTime Tue 10-Feb-15 18:41:41

Oh gosh definitely. Couldn't stand the site of it, especially gammon - even looking at it made me feel ill. The only exception was sausages. I've had a lot of sausage and mash!

Almost 36 weeks now and I cam face some meat now but the thought of big chunks of it is still unpleasant.

minimuffin Tue 10-Feb-15 18:48:06

Yes! I did for 2 out of 3 pregnancies. I discovered at about 20 weeks with DS1 that I could manage mince, so that was all I ate when I ate meat at all - spag bol, cottage pie etc. Otherwise the thought of it made me want to hurl. Weirdly, DS1 (age 9) has adopted the same position towards meat in the last 2 years. He only eats it in mince form

Swanny84 Tue 10-Feb-15 19:02:32

Oh wonder if it's connected to your pregnancy mini muffin. I wasn't like this with my 2dds, hubby is hoping it means we're having a boy (know it's not an indicator of sex) but I'm just missing my grub blush

Rikalaily Tue 10-Feb-15 19:30:32

Me, first sausages, then steak now chicken. I'm ok eating other meat atm but not enjoying it as much, but I haven't got much of an appetite anyway.

sleepybee Tue 10-Feb-15 19:52:31

Yes I'm 29 weeks & still funny about meat didn't eat it at during first tri

mrsdicaprio Tue 10-Feb-15 21:03:19

Yep. With both of my pregnancies. Right up until the end with my first and I'm 29 weeks with second and don't anticipate it getting any better.
At times I thought it may turn me veggie permanently but it just messes your appetite up so much. It will get better once he or she arrives!

Cliffdiver Tue 10-Feb-15 21:28:40

I completely went off meat when pregnant with DD2.

Had chicken in a restaurant when I was about 7 weeks pg and DH had to stop car on way home for me to be sick shock.

After that I could not bear to eat any type of meat in any form until I was about 5/6months.

Even thinking now about how meat made me feel when pg is making me feel quite queasy.

geekymommy Tue 10-Feb-15 21:31:04

In my last pregnancy, the thought of the smell of raw meat in the store turned my stomach. Eating meat was out of the question.

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