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pressure pubic bone 24weeks?!?!

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dy14 Mon 09-Feb-15 23:55:23

Hi sorry if its TMI sad

I have been experiencing extreme what feels like pressure, dull achy pains right above my vagina right at the pubic bone. Its very uncomfortable and worse when im up and walking about especially at work as im on my feet all day. I dont remember having this with my previous two pregnancies untill nearer due date time. this is my 3rd pregnancy/baby and I am due end of may. - I have a complete covering placenta praevia so bit worried? Anyone else had this at my stage? Thanks so much smile

jmojo Tue 10-Feb-15 00:15:57

It could be symphysis pubis dysfunction. Your muscles generally get weaker each pregnancy so you get slightly less support, and spd can start at different times. Sounds most likely given your description, but I would speak to a midwife. You may need a physio referral, or a review because of the placenta praevia. (less likely to be the placenta if baby moving and you have no bleeding so don't panic!)

sleepybee Tue 10-Feb-15 04:21:08

Do you have it all the time? I'm 29 weeks & baby is head down bum up has been this way since 20 week scan sometimes I get pressure when walking & I really feel like I'm waddling/going to wet myself but only some days & I think it's days when baby stretches out & the head is really low. I had it all day yesterday I could feel the head really low down at my bikini line area it felt so odd & uncomfortable all day. Had to keep moving about the office & standing up at my desk

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