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2nd baby forgotten what to do re mw booking in etc....

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Chchchchanging Mon 09-Feb-15 23:51:38

When do I need to go to dr etc? How do I get into system- know I don't need them to confirm pg but I've moved house since last time and reception at Gp permanently engaged to phone and ask! What's normal? Thanks

mathsy Tue 10-Feb-15 00:19:59

Go to Dr when you've had a positive test and they refer you to a midwife. Then you have a booking in appointment with the midwife a week or so later.

Swanny84 Tue 10-Feb-15 02:19:08

I walked in surgery, filled out a little slip of paper with lmp date and name etc and was given a mw app for a month later. Told to ring a different number (was sure start) where they made booking app for a week later. They weighed, measured and gave some leaflets about smoking and diet and went through downs form.
Mine was also a new surgery x

sleepybee Tue 10-Feb-15 04:03:06

I also just joined new GP practice I made an appointment for GP when I was 5 weeks she then referred me to the hospital week later I had 2 letters come through one with booking appointment with midwife at 10 weeks & other was 12 week scan appointment. When I went to booking appointment was told all other midwife appointments would be with a certain midwife at my GP practice & I've gone there since -I just call & request midwife appointment the midwife surgery is only on one afternoon a week at my GP surgery, but this suits me as my appointments are pretty much at the same time/same day so it's easy to organise with work. I think you can by pass the GP appointment & just ask for a midwife appointment if you have midwifes working out of your surgery -not all practices do

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