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glucose in urine, what does it mean???

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Bondy83 Mon 09-Feb-15 21:21:01

37+4 today been at hospital today with reduced movement for the 2nd time. They gave me a scan which showed everything was fine baby weighing approx 7lb. They did the other usual checks bp urine measured my bump etc, my bump is only measuring 35 wks so I'm not huge, bp was fine but my urine showed traces of protein, ketones & glucose. They have asked me to have the GTT test next week (il be 38+5 then). My question is really what are the effects of glucose in urine at this stage? I thought it affected the size of the baby which is absolutely fine not huge or tiny for the term I am. If my glucose levels r up again next week what will that mean as far as extra care/treatment/ induction?

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