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early scan

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scarednoob Mon 09-Feb-15 19:57:07

hello everyone

i've just booked a scan for the weekend, when i will be 7+7 (7+1 today), as i am driving myself and my partner mad with knicker-checking, googling and general panicking, as i have very little in the way of symptoms - just no AF, sore boobs, and a tiny bit more tired than normal. i am having nightmares that there will be nothing there, or no heartbeat.

does everyone feel like this, or am i completely insane?!

thanks all.

HazleNutt Mon 09-Feb-15 20:26:32

pretty much everybody feels like this, totally normal.

Swanny84 Tue 10-Feb-15 06:38:16

Oh I remember those days well. Actually I still panic before scans. I have a Doppler and get odd flutters but I still think I'm insane ha ha, don't think I'll settle till he/she is in my arms and this is my 3rd. Good luck with scan xx

Luciferbox Tue 10-Feb-15 07:31:36

Yep, totally normal. Until I had my scan I was worried.

eurochick Tue 10-Feb-15 07:33:13

It's normal. And don't expect the scan to stop the worry for long b

scarednoob Tue 10-Feb-15 16:04:08

thanks ladies! eurochick you have a point - i asked the GP if there was any point going for a scan at 8 weeks instead of 12. she shrugged, and said the most unhelpful thing ever (ignoring the fact that it's fair enough):

"meh, you can if you want, but just remember that things can go wrong at any time, even after a scan."

lovely, thanks v much......

Littlehopeful Tue 10-Feb-15 16:06:38

Can I just stick up for GPs here they don't know much about the details of pregnancy most of them so they tend not to comment on it. They would prefer you to refer to your midwife or consultant and the EPU if needs be.

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