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Surprise Pregnancy, anyone?

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Lalunya85 Mon 09-Feb-15 16:57:17

I found out last week that I'm pregnant. About 10 weeks I think! Which means I have been having loads and loads of the odd drink in December/January and even a few cigarettes (one a week on average). Haven't been taking any vitamins/folic acid either of course. Ahh!

Just celebrated my first baby's first birthday as well, and I seriously was not expecting to have another one so soon. I'm in shock, terrified (money/work/space in the ouse issues) but also excited and curious and looking forward to another year (?) of being at home with a baby.

Anybody else having a surprise baby? How are you coping? Anyone else having some mixed feelings?

Zsazsabinks Mon 09-Feb-15 17:45:10

Oh yes! I'm 39+4 now but this baby was a complete shock. Still didn't have my periods back after DD2 and it was the worst timing. I was very, very mixed about it. I love babies and always wanted three, however, I wanted a much bigger gap than 23 months and the timing of it was terrible. Husband was looking for a new job, we were absolutely bulging out of our tiny flat with two children already, I had been working like a madwoman trying to make ends meet. We actually considered, very seriously, termination. In the end I just couldn't because I know how much I love the two I have and I knew in my heart of hearts that I would grow to love this little one over the course of the pregnancy and that money and houses change.....

Now we're happy and excited about it all. DH got a job so fast, nothing like a bit of motivation! We found a new flat which we love and are really happy in. So it has worked out. Still terrified about having three children though!

Congratulations Lalunya!

OMGBabyNo3 Mon 09-Feb-15 17:53:25

Just 6 weeks pregnant at 38 with v surprising third here! Already have DD5 and DS 8 and really was done. Apparently not!! We briefly talked about termination but I knew v quickly I could go through with it. Figuring we're big enough to get ourselves into this mess so were big enough to deal with consequences. Obv adore the two I have so know I will this one too. Just not sure we'll ever get over the shock!!

JennyBlueWren Mon 09-Feb-15 18:14:52

My friend found out she was 36 weeks pregnant! Baby was fine. I'm sure she hadn't been an angel in that time.

WorryWurta Mon 09-Feb-15 18:31:14

I didn't think I could have kids so our pregnancy was a big surprise! Ironically I'd not drunk at all throughout the 2 years we were doing infertility treatment, so in the month I got pregnant I'd literally just started drinking alcohol again. Seems to have been just the gin and tonic pardon the pun I don't think it makes a lot of difference in the early days. I continue to have mixed feelings as I still can't really believe it will work out ok for us after all this time (now 35 weeks).

Lalunya85 Mon 09-Feb-15 22:12:17

zsazsa that sounds like a real set of challenges, well done for sorting it all out before the baby arrives! Sometimes being pregnant can be that kick up your butt, can't it? With DS1, my now husband and I finally decided to get married and bought a house. Who knows what we'll manage to achieve with the second one? ;)

Seriously though, I'd just been looking forward to settling into a bit of a routine - but no such luck!

I feel guilty about work - they've been really accomodating with flexible hours, working around childcare and cutting down to part time work - and now I'll have to break the news to them. Shuddering at the thought!

OMG and Worry - congratulations to you both, I'm sure everything will be fine worry, you're almost there. Maybe you're right and drinking alcohol being relaxed is the key to getting pregnant...

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