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Pregnant, self-employed and confused

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UsernamesHarderThanBabyNames Mon 09-Feb-15 12:27:16

Hi all, wondering if anyone has been in the same boat as me and can advise.
I'm self-employed, and last year changed from a sole trader to limited company, making me the director and sole employee of my limited company. I'm 22 weeks preg and know that I am entitled to SMP, but have to pay it to myself and then claim it back from HMRC. I have been speaking to my accountant about this but wondering if someone could answer the following questions in more idiot-proof terms than he did:
- If I'm planning to claim SMP for, say, 12 weeks, do I have to pay myself weekly for that whole period and then claim it back afterwards, or can I get HMRC to pay me/my company weekly/monthly/whatever?
- When do I/my company have to let HMRC (or whoever?) know that I'll be taking maternity leave? Obviously I, in my capacity as employee, have let myself, in my capacity as director, know (!) but do I then have to let HMRC know too at, say, 25 weeks?
- Who do I actually speak to at HMRC? As my change to ltd company is recent, I've never spoken to them about it as my accountant did the admin side and the info online is useless. Also, in the 14/15 financial year I will have worked as both a sole trader and limited company (didn't go limited until Aug last year), does this affect anything?
Basically I'm hoping that somebody in exactly the same circumstances as me will have solid insight because it's hurting my brain which would rather be looking at cots on Pinterest.

hestialou Mon 09-Feb-15 13:16:25

I am in same boat as you, but decided not to contact my accountant until 12 weeks. I am surprised your accountant hasn't given you more info directly as that what they are there for?

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