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Missed 2 periods one positive hpt and loads of negatives. Has anyone else experienced this?

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vikixc Mon 09-Feb-15 02:16:03

Just wondered if anyone else has been in this situation.

my last real period started on the 10th Dec. 2014, they are usually very regular since coming off the pill 6 months ago.

I had a little light pink spotting on the 9th January that lasted on and off for 2 days (probably implantation bleeding) at first I dismissed it as getting ill, I took a pregnancy test on the 22nd January, because I still wasn't feeling myself and I had the weird spotting, I felt like I was coming down with something it was a definite positive. I don't class this is a period as it was way too short and way too light.

I wanted to confirm this so I took another test a week later, negative, my doctor sent a urine sample to a lab and did a strip test in the office that was also negative. I have been testing every week since then with different brands including first response and clear blue, I think I have used almost every brand there is now and I have no period nor another positive. I could be about 8 weeks! Doctor is refusing to give me a bloodtest as they are "expensive" and apparently it's "psychological". 1) I wasn't trying to get pregnant, it's completely unexpected. 2) I HAD A POSITIVE TEST

Should also note that the doctor suspects I have PCOS, but again, they never tested me, just told me that "it's likely" - this was about 2 years ago.

I have noticed:

-My period is due now, but I have no symptoms of it coming usually I cramp for about a week prior.

-I'm gaining weight around my waist: was UK size 8 now a 10 in less than 4 weeks it's usually really hard for me to put weight on

-alot of white discharge, no smell or infections.


-My breasts are feeling firmer, get the odd tingle in them and I had a little bit of white thick stuff come out of my nipple today when I was in the bath originally I thought it was soap until I wiped it and it was more like cottage cheese or something (sorry TMI)

-I also get the odd twinging feeling in my lower abdomen around my pubic bone mostly in the evening, however this was more noticeable 2 weeks ago. This is a really different feeling to period cramps.

Has anyone else had this or am I really just crazy? What were the outcomes?

Number3cometome Mon 09-Feb-15 09:37:52

What brand is this test? If it is a cheap one, then I am sorry to say they can be wrong. It has happened to me a few times, especially with the pound shop tests which are called 'First Reply' (like a fake looking version of First Response.

weeblueberry Mon 09-Feb-15 09:47:47

Is it possible it's been a chemical pregnancy? If the tests at the doctors are testing negative still after all this time it's unlikely you are/still are pregnant I'm afraid.

vikixc Mon 09-Feb-15 18:30:27

But I haven't had any bleeding, I had the positive test 2 weeks after I had the spotting, if the spotting was an mc, I would have tested positive earlier, right?

The test was an ultra early from ebay.

vikixc Mon 09-Feb-15 18:32:34

I just want it to end, I need an answer, even my partner is on the verge of leaving because its doing our heads in

Number3cometome Mon 09-Feb-15 19:26:50

I'd say the test was wrong unfortuately x

VixxFace Mon 09-Feb-15 19:31:54

If your partner is on the verge of leaving because of this then you have bigger problems then a missing period.

Either the test was wrong or sadly you had a miscarriage I suspect.

laughingmyarseoff Mon 09-Feb-15 19:37:34

Go for a clear blue test OP, sounds like you could be pregnant but the clearblue test is on par with the one the doctor does.

I would be worried why your partner is on the verge of leaving over this, uncertainty and stress it may be but a pregnancy and baby would cause a lot more. I'd be worried he wasn't going to be supportive or useful if you are pregnant.

laughingmyarseoff Mon 09-Feb-15 19:39:17

Just realised that you've done the other tests and they were negative, its very likely to be negative then though I would try a clearblue again just in case.

vikixc Mon 09-Feb-15 20:13:59

Because I am getting so stressed about it, not sleeping etc I just know something is wrong. He is uncertain about his job and future as it is and he isn't from the UK, this is alot of pressure considering we've only been together for 9 months, which is why i need my period or another positive so we can start to make plans or not as the case may be and we will know where we stand.
When I got the positive he was happy I even traveled to his city at 10pm to tell him and the first thing he did was smile. We started to make plans, he is supportive but I think I'm just annoying him now, I dont really have anyone else to talk to about it. Hes a good man but everyone has their limits.
I was in shock, had a full blown panic attack on the kitchen floor but I warmed to the idea after a few days, hence why I just wanted to confirm. But I know in my gut that something isn't quite right. I've also seen online PCOS can interfere with the results, but again more uncertainty because it was never confirmed. Such a mess, I feel trapped.

vikixc Mon 09-Feb-15 20:26:16

And I felt like something wasn't right before I even did the test, I just kept feeling like I was coming down with something at this point I never thought it was pregnancy, i thought that maybe I was a little pre menstrual and probably getting a cold, then I had the pink spotting which prompted me to take a test, I did one before I had the positive whilst I was still spotting but it was negative, my period never manifested and still hasn't, ugh I dunno, I have just ordered a clearblue off ebay again, I will give it a go.

if it is/was a chemical pregnancy when should I start bleeding?

VixxFace Mon 09-Feb-15 20:42:35

pcos can cause spotting.

VixxFace Mon 09-Feb-15 20:43:37

The hormone imbalance can cause symptoms such as the bloating, pmt, sore nipples etc.

Edenviolet Mon 09-Feb-15 20:47:11

I had similar symptoms a few years ago, I also have pcos and it was not that.

What I had had was a missed miscarriage, tests were positive initially then negative. I had a scan and it showed a mmc, had it repeated a week later. Then I had an erpc two weeks after that as had no bleeding at all.
You should ask to be referred for a scan and bloods

vikixc Tue 10-Feb-15 00:37:05

Thanks Hedgehog, this is also one of my fears. I will call tomorrow and demand some answers, can't carry on like this.

vikixc Tue 10-Feb-15 00:41:52

I will also keep this thread updated for people who have similar problems. I have read a few posts that are similar but no one ever comes back to share the outcomes :D

vikixc Fri 13-Feb-15 18:56:03

Just updating as promised.

I am infact miscarrying, the bleeding started today. Really heavy compared to my usual cycle, was awoken this morning by one sharp stab just above my pubic bone. It started as brown spotting, then turned pink and watery and now some black clots and really thick blood I had one clot that was about the size of a 2p, also abnormal for me. The cramping is horrible too, again it's alot heavier and more painful than a normal cycle.
I am really unsure about how far along I was before he/she stopped growing, I'm guessing 5 weeks because that is when I got the + test but I still dont know.

My GP said my levels were probably slow rising, hence no +ve before and only one positive on a sensitive test and that slow rising HCG usually means an impending miscarriage then the following week they began to drop again hence why my results were coming back negative. I also asked why it took so long to bleed and he said it does happen in some women and that if I hadn't had started before the end of the month I would have had to have gone for a "scrape" (his words)

I was also going to get my bloods done, but I haven't been out, I already know what's happening, I don't wish to torture myself any further.

Also going to get booked in to check for PCOS.

I know that some will say it was in my head, but i know that it wasn't. I never believed I would go through something like this, infact I never even thought about having children I suppose this has opened my eyes a bit. Reading all of this back to myself, I sound pretty crazy.

I just hope that this helps some other women out there that end up in the same situation as myself. If you do find yourself pregnant, please seek a good doctor who is going to listen to you.

vikixc Fri 13-Feb-15 18:58:10

And trust your instincts too!!!

pinkie87 Fri 13-Feb-15 19:03:35

Very sorry that you have had to go through this. sad

vikixc Fri 13-Feb-15 19:11:47

Thanks Pinkie, I am okay, I think. I have my mum and my budgie to keep me company tonight and my partner is coming tomorrow. He came round today aswell but he couldn't stay because he has to work.

I just want other women to trust their instincts and refuse to be pushed from pillar to post.

I went to the family planning clinic yesterday and the nurse I saw there pushed my doctor for the bloods. She said the way I have been treated by them was outrageous and that I should consider trying to get another GP.

vikixc Fri 13-Feb-15 19:13:49

I have to agree with her.

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