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Long haul holiday in the 6th month - any experiences?

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SueV14 Sun 08-Feb-15 23:39:17

Hi ladies

I am now 15 weeks and DH and I have started to think of our last big holiday alone before the birth. We've been initially planning it for march but due to some work related time conflicts it now looks more likely it will be April, when I'll be in my 6th month (ca 23-26 wks). We are thinking Caribbean so it will be quite a long flight, 8-10 hours.

I was wondering if anyone has gone on a similar holiday at that stage of pregnancy and how you felt?? I'm a bit concerned I'm going to be quite big and heavy by then... So would be good to hear/read any experiences. Thanks a lot in advance! ;)

AnnieMorel Sun 08-Feb-15 23:48:44

Not a massively long flight, but I went to Miami at 28 weeks & flew back at 30.

I was fine although I wasn't big so that helped on the flight. I don't think the flight attendants even noticed my pregnant state. I did wander up and down more than normal.

It was winter here and so lovely to be in the warm & in a bikini and I got a lovely brown bump!

EnglishExpatUSA Mon 09-Feb-15 02:16:53


butterfliesinmytummy Mon 09-Feb-15 02:31:12

I relocated to Singapore at 25 weeks, a 12 hour flight. It was uncomfortable and I took loads of precautions (flight socks, loads of hydration, walking every hour) but the flight is only a small part of the holiday. I would tell you to go, provided your mw agrees and issues you a safe to fly letter. The sun, swimming in the sea etc will do you good, just make sure you have cast iron insurance in case you need medical assistance while you are there or in case you give birth. Take care with ice in drinks, seafood etc but otherwise have a fabulous time.

jmojo Mon 09-Feb-15 04:29:12

Take your hand held notes if you have them too just in case.

Longdistance Mon 09-Feb-15 05:48:16

We went to St. Lucia around when I was 6 months pg. No issues with it. Just kept hydrated through the flight, and once there because of the heat.

Defo take your notes, and make sure you get decent travel insurance to cover pg.

LIG1979 Mon 09-Feb-15 06:37:28

No experience with long haul when pregnant but I know I was told with travel insurance was to make sure it covered not just you but also the baby in case it came early. We used debenhams.

I found I got quite uncomfortable sitting down on short haul flights but not till 3rd trimester. that and having enough trouble sleeping in a bed would mean I wouldn't dare try and overnight flight unless I could fly business. (And told work so!)

SueV14 Mon 09-Feb-15 09:17:33

Thanks for all your responses ladies and special thanks to EnglishExpatUSA shock

Good point re medical insurance everyone, I was only thinking of travel cancellation insurance in case smth happens before we leave and end up not going, but will check on that one too. I had a 6 hour flight last week, while outbound was fine in business (got an avios ticket on BA), return during the night in full economy was tougher.. So need to see if we can get a premium eco or smth.

Btw, what is the best place to shop for maternity swimwear? I am not feeling confident enough (or attractive enough) to wear a bikini on the beach with a bump, so it'll need to be smth non-bikini. Not a big fan of full swimsuits cause it's a pain to go to the loo.. So smth tankini style to similar? Any tips?

SueV14 Mon 09-Feb-15 09:17:52

OR similar, not to :-)

HazleNutt Mon 09-Feb-15 09:23:47

Went long-haul about 25 weeks, no problems. Did upgrade though, so check at least extra legroom options. And yes absolutely get a very good medical insurance.
As for bikinis - sure you're not ok with wearing one? I really enjoyed that I didn't have to worry about wobbling belly or sucking it in for once grin

Siarie Mon 09-Feb-15 09:30:19

I went long haul a little sooner (20 weeks), we flew business class and I was totally comfortable. It was about a 12 hours on the way there I didn't even need to get up often as I could just adjust my seat and have a little nap lying down while watching films. And on the way back it was night time so I slept on my side just fine although I should have brought my body pillow on the flight rather than checking it in.

Took out travel insurance and checked it very carefully before going though!

I would have hated being in a chair that didn't go into a bed though.

Scotinoz Mon 09-Feb-15 09:34:30

I did Australia to the UK at 25wks, and back again a couple of days off 29wks. The flights were okay, especially since I got a business upgrade part of the way.

As for the heat, you just have to go with it. Drink plenty, eat loads of lollies etc. Its 35 in Oz just now and I'm 28wks - hard work doing every day life. Being on holiday though would be bliss though! Laze by the pool, afternoon naps etc. Go for it!!

laspalmas Mon 09-Feb-15 10:00:47

I went to the canaries at 24 weeks. Like baby Jax in New York I went into premature labour there (completely out if the blue, my first was two weeks overdue) and my second son was born at 24+6. (We are one of the very lucky ones, he's 2.5 now with some ingojng health issues and doing brilliantly). Echo other peoples sentiments, you need great insurance covering complications for you but importantly covering any baby born and most importantly air ambulance transfer back to the uk and costs while you are out there. We were stuck in the canaries for. 8 weeks and had accomodation, living and air ambulance costs met by our insurer. Also check the hospital on the island you are going to can cope with a baby born of the gestation you are on holiday. I had to wait while they stopped my contractions long enough to be helicoptered from Lanzarote to gran canaria where they could take a 24 weeker. A definite factor on carribean Islands - maybe stick to the bigger ones? Not trying to scaremonger just really a warning it can and goes happen even if you aren't expecting it and all you can do is be sensible and prepared before you go. I'm thinking of writing some guidance with a friend I've met who also had a baby on holiday as the second trimester holiday question seems to come up a lot. People are always concerned about the flight but forget to think about what would happen if there was actually a pregnancy complication on the actual holiday x

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 09-Feb-15 13:19:52

We had the exact same plan but I've abandoned it. Recently we've started flying Club World (either Avios or some other deal, not full fare!) so the flight would be fine. But I would hate to "waste" a lovely holiday by being hot, uncomfortable, sober wink etc. Instead I'm planning caribbean when baby is about 6 months. Tbh I would rather save as much annual leave as I can to fund some of my time off. DH and I have enjoyed plenty holidays as a couple and have a short haul break anyway.

SueV14 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:32:09

laspalmas what a story...! Glad your little one is ok!

muddy Do you have someone to look after your baby full time when you're on holiday or you are planning to take him/her with you??

HazleNutt I'm a weirdo when it comes to bumps. I don't find them cute, pretty or attractive and I don't like looking at them exposed on the beach. And I'm not letting anyone near mine except for DH.. Sometimes. Total weirdo, I know. So really don't feel like uncovering it on the beach.

madwomanbackintheattic Mon 09-Feb-15 14:44:37

I flew long haul up to 32 weeks (9 hour flights) with my second, no real issues. But for a holiday we waited until youngest was 10 months and took them both to an all inclusive with baby and child care grin we have fab memories of beautiful Jamaican beach at sunset and him crawling in the sand and waves while his sis ran around with a bucket and spade. I got to swim with her to anchored trampolines and bounce, and we took them both to the pool. When we wanted to do less kid friendly stuff, they went to the child care lodges and had a ball.

ChatEnOeuf Mon 09-Feb-15 17:37:15

I'm off to the Caribbean very soon for our last prebaby holiday - I'm 21w and frankly, desperate for the break! RCOG recently updated their guidance: leaflet is here

Enjoy smile

SueV14 Mon 09-Feb-15 18:04:18

ChatEnOeuf Where are you going? smile Did you need any special vaccinations?

htf2 Mon 09-Feb-15 19:11:25

I am going to Australia in march (which is home) - I will be 27 weeks going out and 29 back, it's 23 hours flight time. I don't expect it to be the most comfortable flight but will be worth it to be home and warm for a couple of weeks! I am taking 1.compression socks because the risk of dvt is higher, 2. an extra little blow up pillow to help ease any sitting soreness 3. snacks (probably chocolate but I'd like to think healthy ones :P ) and booked seats carefully to be near toilets and the end space where we can walk around. and Doctors fit to fly letter of course!

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 09-Feb-15 22:15:44

Oh sorry if that wasn't clear. With baby, definitely. Stay somewhere sc with pool or beach access so OH and I can each get some RNR in the sun, but baby can stay cooler. That's the plan anyway.

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 09-Feb-15 22:17:38

But now you mention it, the hard part will be telling my mother she can't come wink.

Sonoma Mon 09-Feb-15 23:18:11

When in asked my OB this very question I was told exactly what las palmas has said. A baby born 24-28 weeks has a much better chance in UK, US and an handful of other places with advanced neonatal care. So personally I would not travel to a small Caribbean island at this time. It's not just about when it's safe to fly. Las Palmas really glad your son is doing well.

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