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another newbie mum question - what did you buy for newborn...

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comeagainforbigfudge Sun 08-Feb-15 10:01:51

That you ACTUALLY used?

The shops/tv ads make me feel very confused/overwhelmed as to what I will definitely need/use when baby arrives. And I always wonder when I see the "this is what you need" type lists what never even gets used!

Baby not due til June. Plenty of time but having bought my pram yesterday I'm now starting to organise thoughts (writing a list grin I do Iove a list) as to what I'll need.

So far I have bought:

Steriliser (will have to ff very quickly even if I manage to establish bf as need to go back on meds asap)
Baby monitor (aldi one that we tested already)
A pack of newborn nappies (was not going to buy too many until baby here in case is a monster sized baby and needs a bigger nappy straight away)
Couple of boxes of wipes - 24 packs in total.
Pack of Muslins
Washable breast pads (for me!)

I will be getting a whole host of hand-me-down clothes/blankets/muslins so don't intend to buy any more like that until I see what I get and its all sorted into relevant sizes etc. (Unless I see something too adorable to resist of course!)

Plus a Moses basket that is in the family.
Not buying cot until decorating done.

I'm also not intending on buying a baby bath. Will get a new basin for kitchen sink plus one of those crafty sponges with baby shape for support.

So come forth oh wise people of mumsnet, share your collective wisdom and tell me what I really will USE as opposed to what the advertisers tell me I need......

Gooseysgirl Sun 08-Feb-15 10:19:35

sling/carrier (but wait til baby is born and try a few out at a sling meet before buying), am still using my boba3g with my three year old and 14 month old (not at the same time wink

comeagainforbigfudge Sun 08-Feb-15 10:55:32

Oh yes a sling! We will look into that once baby here for sure. Thank you

note - look for sling meets am I best to look on nct website? I have no idea where info is held for local groups etc (totally showing my newbie-ness)

Scotinoz Sun 08-Feb-15 11:59:15

The only other thing I bought which isn't on your list, is a baby gym (one of those mats with toys dangling overhead). I reckon it was used from about 3weeks 'til 7months.

OhMjh Sun 08-Feb-15 13:12:04

Didn't bother with steriliser, use Milton tablets in a bucket with cold water. Takes 15 mins to sterilise, and you can pop things in an out of the same solution for 24hrs before needing to change.

-sling, most definitely
-didn't bother with baby bath either, baby used sink and comes in the bath with me. A plastic baby support for bath has been really handy.
- lanisoh nipple cream if you do BF
- water wipes or Huggies pure wipes. Used cotton wool and water for a week and then realised how much of a faff it is when wipes do the job just as well/even better.
- Solid coconut oil. Works wonders on baby skin/cradle cap/eczema and a bedtime massage = looooong sleep. Plus it's much gentler because it's pure, compared to creams and oils. Get the stuff you cook with and melt a little in your hands.
- stay away from the Johnsons baby products, I found the irritated nanny babies I know skin and stung mine when I tested it.
- My 8lb DD was in size 1 nappies til last week ( 10 weeks old, 11.5lbs) but it depends on the brand of nappy and the body shape. DD is very long and slim.
- Aldi nappies work better than expensive brands like Pampers, IMO
- if you use dummies, I've found the MAM glow in the dark ones invaluable when it comes to popping them back in at night time!

anythingbutinsomnia Sun 08-Feb-15 17:42:08

I think you've got it covered. We got rid of all our baby stuff but an unexpected second little one means we're having to acquire things again - the only things I have this time that isn't on your list are a bouncy chair and baby gym as we used these from very early on with DD

GoooRooo Sun 08-Feb-15 17:45:55

A bouncy chair - it saved my sanity. I just got a bog standard one from Mothercare - so it didn't vibrate or anything. I used my foot to rock it. Best £12 I spent.

I used a Kari Me sling and loved it.

eurochick Sun 08-Feb-15 17:50:03

Sheets for the crib/Moses basket
Maternity pads and big pants for you
Sudocrem for baby's bum
Change mat

Katie2489 Sun 08-Feb-15 18:00:50

I'd echo everyone else saying bouncy chair, baby gym and sling. I had an nct caboo but they are very much an individual choice item that you may be best waiting till the baby is actually here to try and see which one you like. The only thing I would add is (sorry if tmi) but some anti constipation, syrup of figs or lactulose type thing (for you not your bubba!) just incase. I'm 39+4 ATM and have plenty in the kitchen waiting.

comeagainforbigfudge Sun 08-Feb-15 18:11:10

Scotinoz good idea. Will have a look for one in charidee shop.

OhMjh Milton tablets were my first plan. But the steriliser was £20 from aldi (an avent one that sterilises in 10mins) but will get the Milton tablets as well.
Aldi is my nearest store so will definitely be getting there nappies.
Oh thanks for tip on Johnsons baby stuff smile and the solid coconut oil ...... wink

Thanks anythingbutinsomnia was starting to think I was being over simplistic in what I'm buying. I figure if I keep it to a minimum then I can buy more if I feel I need it/will use it.

GoooRooo getting one from family member, just forgot to list it. Thank you

eurochick big pants and maternity pads are in hand grin CHANGE MAT I knew there was somat! I'm going to make my own travel one but I want a padded one for house as hardwood floors.

Thank you for your suggestions ladies. flowers to you all

HazzaB89 Sun 08-Feb-15 18:30:50

With the Moses basket, it is suggested you buy a new mattress. Same for cot.
Also a car seat will be needed to take baby home from hospital. Even if you live near & could walk the baby home they like the baby in a car seat!
Echo re: Johnsons. Too many chemicals drying out baby's skin.
If definitely going down the disposable nappy route then maybe a bin for nursery? Obviously not essential! Nappy bags. Or of course reusable nappies & wipes.
A changing bag for when you're out & about.
A thermometer & baby medicines. (Calpol, infacol/gripe water, nasal saline drops, a bogey sucker thing should do the job. Calpol can't be used until 2 or 3 months though.
Non bio powder to wash clothes.
If you end up breast feeding or expressing then Lansinoh bags are brill for freezing milk.
What will they sleep in? Blankets, swaddle wrap, sleeping bag?
I adore my rocking chair in nursery for night feeds. Again, obviously not essential!
That's all I can think of for now!

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 08-Feb-15 20:33:40

Things I'm definitely digging out for DC2...

- baby bath water thermometer
- room thermometer (we had grobags for DD and they do their own thermometer which tells you want clothes to put your DC in for which tog grobag, total genius)
- Lansinol cream if you're going to BF, seriously brilliant stuff.
- Changing bag and travel changing mat/towel to take with you.
- Dirty nappy bags/sacks
- Make sure DH/DP/friend knows where to get the babygros from in the supermarket (24hr ideally) and how the sizing works. DD was only 6lb and we had nothing that small, DH had to dash out to buy a couple of packets! Same for nappies and sanitary/maternity towels.
- Obviously bottles & formula if you're going to FF, and bottle cleaning brush.
- Baby bouncer. We bought a cheap one, it just comes apart and we took it with us when visiting family & friends.
- Buggy/pram (car seat if you need one)
- Dummies, even if you don't think you'll use them, they're handy to have in the house in the middle of the night if you want to try them, and not too expensive to buy.

Loads of stuff you can leave until you get to know your baby and try out things that friends have. That way you can find out if they like, for example, the auto-rocking baby swing or not, before you fork out for it.

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 10-Feb-15 17:09:19

Random things I bought today on your collective recommendations:

Tub of sudocream
Tub of Vaseline
Pack of nappy bags
Milton tablets
Bottle brush

and a RUBBER DUCKY that tells me if water to hot grin

rubber ducky was my favourite purchase of the day if I'm honest

Littlemissjt Tue 10-Feb-15 20:45:51

Where did you find the rubber ducky if you don't mind me asking?

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 10-Feb-15 21:03:47

It was a munchkin one that I bought in Morrisons grin

RL20 Tue 10-Feb-15 21:13:27

Ooh I'd like to get one of them rubber duckies too!
I'm 30+1 at the moment and THINK I've got everything covered.
Your list is pretty good and I have everything on there. I've stocked up on newborn nappies (pampers and Asdas own range) but as he has been measuring normal and everything, I perhaps won't buy any more newborn size and hey it's not like you can't get someone to nip to shops anyway if you happen to run out and still need that size, so I'm not too concerned about buying any more nappies purely for the size reason.
Have stocked up on lots of packets of wipes.
The only thing I haven't actually bought is a teddy bear or anything like that! Asda have some lovely comforter ones. I did make a teddy bear though out of an old fur coat! It really isn't the best but it's something for him/me to keep!
I also made a stripy patchwork blanket but it's a bit big so will perhaps use it for something for him to lie on. So yes some blankets too!

comeagainforbigfudge Tue 10-Feb-15 21:46:00

Oh a teddy bear! You made one yourself RL20? How clever! I can make a few things with sewing machine but a teddy bear is brilliant! Well done you!

I've got your thread on what to pack in my "I'm watching" for future reference smile trying not to think about the hospital bit at the moment

Think I might go to fabric place tomorrow and pick fabric for travel change mat and some kind of play mat/floor covering.

mrsdicaprio Wed 11-Feb-15 20:36:58

Advertisers tell you you need a video baby monitor. I'm telling you you need a video baby monitor haha! It's as much an investment for the longer term than anything else, pays itself off tenfold with toddlers you may as well just start with one.

My other list of "must haves" would be water wipes (£2 in tesco) you would not believe how much kinder to skin they are than literally every other brand. We found pampers sensitive were best but only use water wipes now as they are that much better.

Yes again to the pp who said lasinoh nipple cream, it's more expensive but it works and it's the only one safe to use while breastfeeding without having to remove.

Yes to a sling and definite yes to a bouncer chair, if you have a refluxy or colicy baby it may just save your sanity!!
Oh and books! its never too early to start reading them stories smile

GoooRooo Wed 11-Feb-15 20:42:10

Yes yes to video monitor - it saved my poor legs up and down the stairs a hundred times an evening.

CakeMakesMeHappy Wed 11-Feb-15 20:45:18

If you didn't want to get a steriliser MAM bottles might be worth a look - they come apart and you sterilise them in the microwave. I have a tiny kitchen and found they were a good space saver.

Also, don't under-estimate the number of muslins you will go through! As well as using them for baby sick we were tucking one over the carry cot mattress and one on the crib mattress to save on washing.

Loved getting everything ready, it's so exciting. Enjoy smile

comeagainforbigfudge Wed 11-Feb-15 20:53:47

I did consider a video monitor but honestly my flat is not large. Will see how we get on with the monitor and upgrade if needs be.

Trying to pick muslin up when I'm in tescos/asdas when I remember that is

I don't even own a microwave so have a steriliser already bought. Plus Milton tablets as a back up.

I have a tiny assed kitchen as well. Will need to think carefully of how to squeeze a microwave in!

Thank you for all your input grin

evilgiraffe Wed 11-Feb-15 20:55:23

Best purchase was our cot-top changing mat - big wedge sides to keep DD in place, and has saved our backs and knees! I'm sure once DD is more mobile (currently seven months) we'll have to change her on the floor, but until then being able to stand up to change nappies is brilliant. Those changing station chest of drawers do the same thing, but if you're pushed for space then one that sits on the cot is just fine.

lentilpot Wed 11-Feb-15 21:01:54

If I'd formula fed I would definitely have bought the perfect prep machine, but would have stalked it so I could get it for a good price! Also really small blankets. We had loads of cot sized ones but not enough teeny ones!

GoooRooo Wed 11-Feb-15 21:05:34

comeagain don't do what my husband did and ask a helpful shop assistant where they keep the Muslims.

"We don't sell those" was the reasonable reply.

Carks31 Wed 11-Feb-15 21:12:51

Yes to baby bouncer / chair. It saved my sanity. Was able to put DS in while I nipped to the loo, had a shower, used at nap times. We used it daily pretty much from birth up to about 6 months old when he got a bit too big for it and was able to sit upright and prefered to do so.

If you're going to be doing a bit of driving a back seat mirror is fantastic. It fastens to the headrest of the back seat the car seat is fastened to so you can see baby's reflection in rear view mirror. great to quickly glance and see what they're up to, if they are asleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep was effective for my DS from around 6 weeks old, still using now (8 months). But my friend bought it on my recommendation and her DS (a month younger) wasn't fussed about it. On the flip my DS never settled in a sling but hers loves his.

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