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What do growing pains feel like?

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tidyjane Sat 21-Oct-06 20:17:40

Hi I was just seeking a bit of reassurance (if you can).
I'm 17+3 pg with second baby and at the moment I'm experiencing mild pains in the ovarie area (basically low down on each side).
I'm hoping they are growing pains as opposed to something sinister.
Basically they feel mild, and non existant if I don't move but when I get up or press them it hurts.(more uncomfortable than painful but still worrying).
I don't know if that's relevant but I have been a bit constipated recently (sorry if TMI).
Can you help?

EliBoo Sat 21-Oct-06 20:49:16

tidyjane, all I can say is that sounds familiar! 17 weeks-ish is just when I had lots of ligament pains when I stood up - especially if I stood up too fast. Either side of the uterus, so about where you say.

And constipation when pregnant...sadly, I could write a book on it. Your guts are pushed out to the side by your growing uterus, and will get tender if you are constipated. So it could be both! Try drinking lots, eating prunes/dried apricots, and if that fails - lactulose is brilliant and over the counter, fine in pg, gentle etc.


Daisypops Sat 21-Oct-06 20:52:43

It does sound like ligament pain tidyjane. I had them, then about 1 or 2 weeks later I had rock hard poos (soz! so Eliboo sounds right to me!

tidyjane Sat 21-Oct-06 21:19:57

Oooh thank you so much!
I started worrying that it might be appendicitis or something! Or worse.
Obviously if it gets worse I'll phone the midwife, but thank you!
I have to say though, the pain is almost always accompanied by wanting to go (and sometimes succeeding, sometimes not! )

Squarebear1973 Fri 25-Jul-08 10:00:32

Thanks guys - this has really helped me smile. Have been contemplating whether to cal MW as have had a bruise-like feeling in lower groin area that's more uncomfortable than painful for about a week now, but after 4 MC's, was starting to worry (not got this far before, so don't know what to expect!).
Have also been constipated since week 10 and found that liqorice works well. Can't bring myself to eat prunes, but dried figs & dried apricots are good too.
Anyway - cheers for the reassurance grin and good luck to you all gringrin

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