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HELP!! Negative tests, light bleeding.. Still pregnant?

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Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 01:13:59


Roughly 6/7 weeks ago I was 15 days late on period, started a light bleed and had had negative after negative test, doctor described as a early miscarriage of fertilised egg that didn't implant. (I don't think that is the case). I had light bleeding for 3 days and super light blood discharge for 2 days.
After that the pregnancy symptoms didn't go away, everything got stronger..
Stomach growth, Breast growth/tenderness, Nausea etc. etc.
Returned back to doctor had urine and blood test, negative.

This month I was 13 days late again.. To my surprise it finished at around 10pm last night.. Only lasted 3 days. There was more blood on toilet paper when I wiped than on my pad and had no period related symptoms, just the pregnancy symptoms..
And I'm sorry if gross but the last pads I have taken off I noticed the smell of the blood is identical to the smell of my first bleed after having my son, quite a sweet smelling blood.. Sorry if a bit weird.
My regular periods vary between 21 and 25 day cycles. And always last 5-7 days and are usually quite heavy with my usual period symptoms. I also know when I'm due on as have symptoms up to a week before.. These last 2 bleeds I have had no sign of them coming.

My stomach is still intact, hasn't grown or shrunk and boobs are still full.
My nipples are super sensitive at the moment I am struggling with bras something unreal..

My last actual proper period was 27th November..
My doctor told me that he's certain I'm not pregnant as a blood test can't be wrong yet I told him loads of people have had blood tests that aren't right!! He told me that there's no possible way that could happen!
But I feel pregnant and it's weird but if it's not pregnancy I know something else is wrong because this is all so unusual.
And if I am I could be like 10weeks..

Has anyone been through this or something similar before??!!
Any help or info is greatly appreciated..

Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 01:17:15

My current belly and my 15 week pregnant belly with my son..

RhiannonElward Sun 08-Feb-15 09:58:15

Firstly I really feel for you, it's tough when you think something is up and you feel like you're not being listened to. However, I do think if you get a negative from a blood test then I think that is most likely the case.

Have you done any home tests? If you're 10 weeks then you'd be getting very clear positives by now.

Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 12:41:32

I have seen a lot of people having negatives on urine and bloods and have actually been pregnant.. I had some cheap stick things off Ebay not 100% sure they work though as my friend did one and said negative, did a clearblue and came back a faint positive.. She was around 3 weeks gone x

Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 15:20:18

Just been to toilet and wiped and there was a small pinkish brown mucous.. I have been to the toilet about 4/5 times every hour and this is first mucousy thing..

Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 19:26:48

Just gone to toilet and wiped.. Started bleeding again!! Definitely very abnormal for me sad

Endler32 Sun 08-Feb-15 19:37:50

Go back to your gp tomorrow, even if you are not pregnant your periods have changed ( not normal for you ) so they should be looking into the cause, hopefully they can offer you a scan to see if they can spot anything.

Beckahjane Sun 08-Feb-15 22:10:05

I'm off away tomorrow until Friday sad so it's a tad annoying what's happening.. I have some blood tests booked for the Tuesday im back as they want to test food intolerances! Even though I know I struggle with gluten!! Yet every test they ever tested me for before came back fine.. And with that bloating and comes when I eat it and goes back down an hour later!! And this is completely different x

Number3cometome Mon 09-Feb-15 10:28:00

I have to say if you were pregnant you would definitely be getting positive results back by now. It is very rare to be 10 weeks pregnant and not getting a positive result, especially with all the highly sensitive tests we have now.

I have never heard of anyone having an incorrect blood test.

I know this is very difficult, but you need to accept that you are not pregnant and get back to TTC. see your doc and see if they can give you something to kick start your period. I'd say this is possibly PCOS symptoms, but only a scan would confirm.

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