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Its like the 1st trimester all over again

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lozzy1982 Sat 07-Feb-15 14:37:20

Hi ladies. Im 32 weeks pregnant and today, even the last couple of days i feel like ive been hit by a bus! My lower back hurts, my legs ache and i cannot get out of bed. Completely energyless. Ive lost interest in anything and feel like i just want to lie in a dark room alone until his birthday now! Its honestly like being in the 1st tri again. My boobs have started hurting again, worse than previous, and i just feel so meh. So ready for him now. Anyone else around my dates and feeling or has felt the same? DS due 7th April!

LittleGreyCatwithapinkcollar Sat 07-Feb-15 14:55:12

I'm also due 7th April and am so tired! Not helped by a horrible cold... Find myself getting home from work and just wanting to lie down because everything aches, so I feel your pain smile

BitchPeas Sat 07-Feb-15 14:59:34

I'm due 19th April.

For the last few days I've felt sick, tired, achy. Just horrible. No energy and constant stomach churning sad

Only 10 more weeks to go grin

mummywithLplates Sat 07-Feb-15 15:03:16

Due 28 March and feel exactly the same! Have not moved from the sofa for over 4 hrs now as just can't be bothered! Feel guilty for ds1 but he seems quite pleased that I'm allowing him to be a telly addict today!

Chillyegg Sat 07-Feb-15 15:08:37

In due on the 12th of April! I'm the same started feeling sick, getting hot flushes! Just walked to the post office and now I need a nap! confused So tired and a hey aswell!

ChickenMe Sat 07-Feb-15 15:32:37

Ar. I'm due the 4th. Cannot be arsed to do anything, even starting to feel nauseous again. Went for walk yest and got a stitch. Sod it!

shelley1977 Sat 07-Feb-15 16:04:31

I know exactly how you feel but I find myself struggling to get comfortable enough to rest for more than 30min at a time. My cats are driving me around the bend as wont let me out of there sight and one is with me at all time this last 48hrs!

Cherryblossom200 Sat 07-Feb-15 16:29:56

I felt like this around 34 weeks, I was shattered and the hunger I felt in the 1st trimester came back again. I'm due on Tuesday and hate to say it gets worse confused I spend most of my time watching tv as I get tired so quickly! The way I've been coping is by trying to distract myself! Good luck ladies! x

NoRoomForALittleOne Sat 07-Feb-15 19:52:51

Around 32 weeks you get quite a significant increase in progesterone and this makes you feel more lethargic. You can also end up with other things going on as a consequence like constipation. It's so glamorous being pregnant hmm

Jaffakake Sat 07-Feb-15 20:52:52

That could explain the headaches, 5am waking and 5am snacking that's going on. I'm 32 weeks.

NoRoomForALittleOne Sat 07-Feb-15 21:11:35

Well, I only know about it because I have gestational diabetes and I'm told that the surge in progesterone tends to make the diabetes much worse. That's something to look forward to then...

WingsClipped Sat 07-Feb-15 23:20:39

Everything aches sad
Due 10th April. Glad to know I'm not the only one feeling crappy.

trulyscrumptious33 Sun 08-Feb-15 01:46:31

I'm due on the 18th March and yes, for the last few weeks I cannot seem to motivate myself to even go for a walk. I had been quite active throughout the second trimester by swimming regularly but I really struggle to do anything now. Good to know that there are others feeling the same.

So, should we be giving in to this feeling or forcing ourselves to get up and do something?

PrincessOfChina Sun 08-Feb-15 01:50:03

I'm also due 7th April and feeling awful again the last few days. Sick, totally lethargic, reflux, aches all over my back and legs.

I don't remember the 3rd trimester being this hard last time! Not fair!

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