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Requesting elective section after previous emergency section?

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Horseradishes Wed 04-Feb-15 19:18:32

With my first dc there was foetal distress in the earlyish stages of labour 5cm dilate, so I was given an emergency section. Apparently the cord had been round babies neck, causing distress.

I'm pregnant with dc2 and desparate for a planned section, I can't bear to go through labour pain and panic again. I'm seeing consultant for 16 week appt next week and am terrified he'll say I have to have vbac.

Anyone else been able to request elective section second time round? Will I have to convince him of my terror or does my first section make my choice easier to get?

trilbydoll Wed 04-Feb-15 19:23:52

My consultant was most concerned about how many children we wanted. When we said we only wanted 2, she was pretty much ready with the diary! I just emphasised how I had no faith in my own body and it seemed like a waste of time and effort to do it all again!

WilsonWilsonWoman Wed 04-Feb-15 19:25:27

Yes, I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever and I was really anxious I would be dismissed too and told to have a VBAC. No one has raised an eyebrow and insisted it is my choice, even the community midwife said 'I don't blame you at all' after she asked what I was planning for labour. My 1st baby was emergency due to distress. I'm going into hospital on the 1st April to book the actual date of the ELCS which is really exciting! Good luck. I will say I am in Scotland, not sure if that makes a difference, but all the women who struggled to get them or faced opposition were in England that I know of.

Horseradishes Wed 04-Feb-15 19:27:34

Ooh great news! Do you know whether it has to be done at 39 weeks? Dc1 was born at 39 weeks, so hoping for 38 weeks to reduce risk of going into natural labour...

WilsonWilsonWoman Wed 04-Feb-15 19:31:46

They want to do me at 39 weeks x

WilsonWilsonWoman Wed 04-Feb-15 19:32:31

1st baby was spontaneous labour at 39+3, meant to say.

WorrisomeHeart Wed 04-Feb-15 20:04:49

I've just had my section date booked with very little arguments. I had to see the consultant a couple of times and do some reading re VBAC but once I'd done that she was more than happy to schedule my date. 23 Feb, not long now! And yes, mine is being done at 39 weeks. She said if I go into labour before then to come to labour ward and let them know I'm booked for an ELCS. At that point I can change my mind and go for a VBAC or stick to the original plan. I'd done a lot of pre-reading in advance of the first visit, expecting to have a fight, but it was fine. I would suggest reading the NICE guidelines on it, so you're fully conversant with the risks etc. Good luck.

Horseradishes Wed 04-Feb-15 20:48:49

Thanks! Good luck Wilson and Worrysome. Glad to hear you've got your plans agreed.

Jaffakake Wed 04-Feb-15 21:27:47

I'm having an elcs after emcs. I explained that I'm scared of contractions having had a long labour last time. I'd got myself so worked up & nervous I started crying. She barely went over the whole spiel about it being more risky & agreed, without giving me a hard time in the slightest. I've got another appointment at 36 weeks to confirm everything.

Ridingthestorm Wed 04-Feb-15 22:17:17

I had an EMCS (rare reaction to induction, foetal distress due to placenta abruption and a uterine tear, massive blood loss for me) and I was adamant even before DC2 was conceived that my second would be an ELCS. Even DH wanted an ELCS as he suffered post traumatic stress from the experience of DC1! (He did literally have to stand and watch our lives ebbing away!)
I went for a VBAC appointment (as standard) at 16 weeks and within 2 minutes they agreed with me. I went in and said I had done extensive research but my decision had been made, I wanted an ELCS.
At my 20-week scan/appointment, the consultant 100% agreed with me (due to my circumstances - I can never be induced due to the 'allergic' reaction that occurred) and booked my c section there and then - 16th March so 5 weeks + 5 days to go!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 04-Feb-15 22:27:23

I had no issues requesting an elective after an EMCS. SE London NHS hospital if that helps. If you appear to have any doubts they'll push a vbac more.

39 weeks is the usual date unless it's twins or medical issues. If it spontaneous before then you just have to join the queue but will obv be prioritised as appropriate.

puffinsaregood Thu 05-Feb-15 09:22:58

Generally ELCS are performed at 39 weeks to allow more maturation for the baby's lungs. If you have a planned ELCS and go into labour they can perform an emcs. Do raise this at your appointment though.

Do go into your appointment with an open mind, but we'll informed. I went in ready for an argument, but within five mins they said I could have an ELCS if I wanted, but no need to decide for certain yet, why not explore both options and let them know. This allowed me to explore planned vaginal birth as an option, knowing that I could request ELCS in the end. Your local hospital may be less open minded though, in that case it helps to be well informed.

Do consider how many children you plan though, successive caesareans have increasing risks, whilst successive vaginal births tend to get less risky (and be quicker).

Also do read about the risks of both options. I read the NICE guidelines to check the numbers. E.g. a small increased risk of baby needing special care with planned caesarean, etc. And find out the rate of 'successful' vbac at your hospital, and what a vbac would involve- do they have portable wireless monitors for example so you can move around?

If your consultant is not sympathetic you can of course ask for a second opinion. Many hospitals have a midwife who sees all women requesting caesarean to discuss in detail. Some may ask you to see a psychologist, ime they are generally v sympathetic to anxiety and fear surrounding child birth.

wigfieldrocks Thu 05-Feb-15 13:55:11

Anyone who has had previous section is fully entitled to opt for elective section thereafter - you will not need to 'persuade' anyone. no one is going to turn you down if you have delivered by section previously so don't worry. The most they will do is discuss whether you want to have a trial of labour (VBAC) but you will be under no obligation to do this and none will try and change your mind if you don't want to. The only time you have to 'persuade' doctors into giving you a section is if you have had previous vaginal delivery or if it is your first baby.

flamingtoaster Thu 05-Feb-15 14:01:54

When I initially requested a elective c-section having had an emergency c-section with DS (cord twice round his neck - he was in distress) I was told "lets see how you go with the pregnancy". However, when I then went for a later appointment and saw a different consultant he asked me how I felt about an elective and I said I would prefer it, he agreed and that was that.

fishfingerSarnies Thu 05-Feb-15 15:41:48

I'm not allowed to finalise it or book it untill 36 weeks (34 now) and have found midwives to be very pro vbac but the consultant (at 30 weeks) just said yes without any fight which I was really worrying about.

Number3cometome Thu 05-Feb-15 15:45:43

I had a C-section (elective) at 38 weeks, but they are very reluctant to do before 39 weeks.

I did have a medical reason for 38 weeks (pre-eclampsia) but this time they have said "between 38-39 weeks" so I am assuming they are going to push me for 39 weeks.

My first and only labour was spontaneous at 39+5 (DS born at 40)

Hellohellohowareyou Fri 06-Feb-15 12:52:39

I have my consultant appointment next week where I'm going to be requesting an ELCS. I would like to read up on a few things and have a good knowledge base surrounding my decision, which NICE documents do people recommend?

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