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Phil and Teds Dot (v.1) vs. Graco Evo - Any thoughts?

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boatrace30 Wed 04-Feb-15 13:54:49

Any advice welcome here.

I have the opportunity to buy a good quality second hand Phil and Teds Dot, with all accessories (second seat, raincover etc) but minus carrycot. It will cost £180 + approx. £100 for a carrycot.

This seems a real bargain, but not sure it is the system I would choose if I was starting from scratch. I had been looking at the Graco Evo, and can buy this with all above accessories, brand new for £320 - so not a lot more.

I'm worried that with the Phil and Teds I cannot reverse the seat and have the baby facing me (once grown out of carrycot). Should I be worried about this?
With the Graco Evo, I also guess that the quality is less good (it is cheaper new) and I cannot use the maxi cosi car seat that I already have with it. Does this matter?

Any experience of either system welcome.


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