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Does this sound normal for 33wks??

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snowydrops Wed 04-Feb-15 09:26:57

33 wks with DC2, standard pregnancy so far. DD1 was full term (actually ten days late) normal delivery. Since that I have had 2 x lletz procedures on my cervix (they basically shave a bit off due to abnormal cells).

For the lash few days I've had sort of period pains, v low down in the middle and lower back ache. I also ache at the very top of my inner thighs. I am having loads of Braxton hicks, they are not painful but am getting sporadic sharp pains into my cervix area (hard to know exactly!)

I know what labour feels like but I don't remember feeling anything like this first time around until maybe 39/40 weeks and I am worried. I called the midwife and she basically said take a paracetamol which is fine but I keep thinking perhaps I have an infection or something because surely constant dragging / pain is not that normal at this stage or is it because this is my second baby?

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