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Anyone know anything about uterine Doppler results?

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IWantDogger Tue 03-Feb-15 20:42:10

This is dc3, with dc1 I had pre-eclampsia from about 32 weeks and iugr. Dc2 was average size all along, no iugr, no pre-eclampsia but high blood pressure from 35 weeks.

I had 20 week scan last week, baby is measuring quite small, 14th centile for weight so has dropped from being average at 12 weeks (12 wk used for dating). Sonographer said not to worry but to come back in a few wks for another scan.

Report says uterine dopplers were normal. RI were 0.64 and 0.81 with a notch on the second side. I don't really understand the Doppler results but googling seems to suggest an RI above 0.57 is considered abnormal and can predict pre eclampsia or hypertension.
Can anyone shed any light? Perhaps they didn't say it was abnormal so as not to cause worry?

IWantDogger Tue 03-Feb-15 21:06:46

Which doesn't really work if you're an avid googler....!

FoxHugs Wed 04-Feb-15 00:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katnipp Wed 04-Feb-15 07:36:20

After previous pe and iugr I had a specialist Doppler scan at 23 weeks. This picked up notches in both sides and put me at high risk of pe again.

I've had extra growth scans since 26 weeks and once growth slowed I had weekly scans alternating dopplers and growth. All my dopplers are at high end of normal.

Are you due to see a consultant? If so ask. Mine was helpful in explaining that whilst being top end of normal wasn't ideal it's very hard to tell if that will cause a problem for an individual patient. Hence the extra scans to keep an eye on things.

I was clear with my consultant that I wanted to understand when results may be outside the norm so I didn't stress between scans and my appointment with him. I also had some fantastic sonographes who always took time to talk through results - esp when things were clearly going downhill (I have iugr again and early stages of pe).

Please speak to dr or mw about what this means for you and a monitoring plan. Don't rely on Google - that will only stress you out.

IWantDogger Wed 04-Feb-15 07:43:10

Thankyou, yes in 3 weeks time I'm having another scan and seeing the consultant again. They'd already said I should have a series of growth scans from 28 wks even before I had my 20 wk one.
I know there's nothing more they can do if it does indicate high risk apart from increased monitoring which they're doing.
I just wondered if I was interpreting it correctly and whether the NHS would really have a policy of not saying when things were on the high side.
I'll definitely ask more questions when I go back in a few weeks.

It's obviously not a big shock as I would expect to have at least some high BP at the end, I just would like them to be open with me.

Katnipp Wed 04-Feb-15 12:37:46

If results are in normal ranges they are unlikely to say anything. Especially not the sonographer. Best person to discuss with is consultant and certainly message I've got is about pattern. So for example my umbilical pi (another thing measured with Doppler) is high - about 95th centile. So just in normal range. But the readings aren't decreasing as much as they should. So whilst being at top end of normal isn't ideal as long as it follows correct pattern (dropping over time) consultant was happy. As that's not happened I've moved from normal range to boarder line. As mentioned I am having complications but it's another tool for them. Currently boarder line means not delivering baby but next scan could change all that.

At this stage I wouldn't worry as it's outside your control. But note down your questions for your appointment and make sure you come away understanding the monitoring plan.

Are you on aspirin based on history? I've been on that and clexane since 13 weeks and is reasons why Dr is sure I've not ended up delivering at 32 again!

IWantDogger Wed 04-Feb-15 14:39:29

Yes am on aspirin but only as of 19.5 weeks when I first saw the consultant.
I hear what you're saying about the Doppler, that maybe it's not as simple as one reading and will depend more how it changes.
Feel a bit concerned today as I felt funny last night (headache, racing pulse) so this morning I borrowed back my BP monitor from a relative and BP was a bit high (144/91). Through preg so far it's been about 120/60.
Phoned midwives to see if I could get an extra check as I'm not due to see anyone for 3 weeks. She said unlikely to be pregnancy hypertension at this gestation (20/21wks) so suggested I call gp which I have an am seeing nurse later.
Really hope it's a case of my home machine being inaccurate and BP hasn't already started going up. Obviously doesn't help that I'm mindful that baby measured small at 20wk scan. Hope I'm doing the right thing by getting checked and not being a pain.

Katnipp Wed 04-Feb-15 17:34:43

You're always doing right thing getting checked. Mine always seems a bit higher on home machine than hospital. Although aauing thy did have to get them to redo when I was in overnight for monitoring. Been consistent at 140/90 for weeks and suddenly had 100/70. I'm never that low even when in best of health! Sure enough a retake and it's back at my current norm.

Maybe take your home machine in so you can check against reading nurse gets and be happier that it's accurate.

IWantDogger Wed 04-Feb-15 18:06:56

It was higher at the GP and they used a manual machine which normally comes out lower for me. Am starting labetolol tonight and going to day assessment unit tomorrow. I thought this would probably happen, just not so early! Still I am glad I'll get a thorough check tomorrow, probably a BP profile so will be taking a good book to read and will try to relax.

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