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Is it safe to drink lucozade whilst pregnant?

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PenguinTuxedo Tue 03-Feb-15 16:26:08

I cut out all caffine at 5 weeks (I'm 14+4 now), but the tiredness is overwhelming. The last hour at work is the hardest, where I am literally falling asleep and starting to slur my words like I'm drunk! So I was wondering if it's safe to drink a bit of lucozade to perk me up a bit?

Currentlyclueless Tue 03-Feb-15 16:28:12

It's safe but watch how much sugar you have though out the day if you're going to have luco

Lizzy86 Tue 03-Feb-15 17:52:14

I would say no, but that's because l know just how much crap and caffeine goes into lucozade. I would stick Lucozade Isotonic, it still perks you up but doesnt have the same caffeine intake, so it makes you enjoy it a little more without the worry.

I also found that from about 16 weeks onwards, i didnt feel as tired, so it will soon pass smile I'm now 27+4 and feeling less tired

Currentlyclueless Tue 03-Feb-15 17:55:05

Normal lucozade doesn't have that much caffeine in mostly sugar.

Lucozade revive is the one with high caffeine content

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