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Just found about my icsi has worked and I am pregnant not I have another agonising wait for the first scan - convinced there won't be anything in there!

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anroga Tue 03-Feb-15 08:39:54

We had our first icsi over Xmas and new year and last Monday got a BFP which means now I am three weeks since egg collection.

I have my first scan for a heartbeat (or heartbeats had 2 put back!) on the 19th.

Apart from having mild hyperstimulation which makes me look like I am 4 months pregnant already I keep worrying about going and there being no heartbeat.

Any advice in how you got through the waiting would be helpful!

whittlefish Tue 03-Feb-15 08:58:15

angora! Fabulous news am so happy for you and seeing you on the pregnancy threads. I was exactly the same especially as in the first few weeks after our blood test as didn't feel pregnant just really tired. I must say I found those weeks up to our early scan a struggle as I was so impatient and convinced there would be nothing there. Christmas passed me by as all I could think about was the scan but it is help to have other things to occupy me. It was all for nothing as had scan and they was a tiny blob with a heartbeat. Now 12 weeks and had second scan and all still well but convinced that one would show nothing as well so think it's all normal especially after everything we have been through to get here. One thing DH said to me which helped was worrying won't make it any less upsetting should something go wrong so for now you are pregnant so enjoy it. It did help a bit. Also as I say keeping busy, try and book things in for your weekends seeing friends, day trips etc to help time pass faster. It is hard but hang in there. So happy for you x

Didyeaye Tue 03-Feb-15 09:17:01

anroga I'm sorry, I have no useful advise but wanted to say a massive congrats! I saw your thread earlier in January and so glad to see u got ur BFP flowers flowers

Didyeaye Tue 03-Feb-15 09:17:11


anroga Tue 03-Feb-15 11:12:26

Thanks Whittle glad you felt the same as me, yeah have started booking up seeing friends/sister etc to keep me busy.

Great to read that all was ok with yours and your 12 week scan too, so exciting Whittle! I still cannot believe it has happened for us.

Thank you Didyeaye still can't believe it! How are you? x

GoooRooo Tue 03-Feb-15 11:20:38

Congratulations! Come and join us on this thread - loads of us wishing the first 12 weeks away until our scans

anroga Tue 03-Feb-15 12:01:26

Thanks GoooRooo have just posted on there! xxx

m33r Tue 03-Feb-15 12:53:57


It took us 20 months to conceive so not been through half as much as you I'm sure but I found saying to myself 'Today I am pregnant' helped. You can't control anything else but 'Today you are pregnant' and you should try to enjoy that. It's so hard but this really did help me.

anroga Tue 03-Feb-15 13:27:13

Thanks m33r I like that will start it from today as I am pregnant yays!

How is your pregnancy going? x

blackwidow74 Tue 03-Feb-15 17:47:19

Every one of us can relate to that same dread however we conceived ... your main concern goes from hoping to a mum to carrying precious cargo and analysing every twinge ... totally natural! Have you considered a private scan around 6/7 weeks to take a peek to break up the wait??

anroga Tue 03-Feb-15 17:54:37

Hi blackwidow I know we are all in the same boat! I have a scan booked at my private clinic on the 19th so I do not have long to wait to see a heartbeat or beats!

I am sure I will feel a bit more reassured then to keep me going until the 12 week scan x

GoooRooo Tue 03-Feb-15 18:32:33

Anroga my private scan is the 19th too. I hope we both get good news!

CanISayOfHerFace Tue 03-Feb-15 18:41:14

I used to say "Today I am pregnant" too. It does help. Try to enjoy it, it's such an exciting time.

We had three mature follicles (IUI) and they wanted to cancel my cycle but we managed to convince them not to. I thought we may have triplets! It was just one beautiful little boy in the end smile


m33r Tue 03-Feb-15 21:56:12

angora I'm having a great pregnancy as I'm sure you will. Today you are pregnant! This is your baby! flowers

anroga Wed 04-Feb-15 07:48:32

gooorooo that's great news we can count down the days together!

That's good to hear m33r - had a huge nose bleed in the night, just googled and it's a common symptom of pregnancy due to hormones etc never been so pleased to have a nose bleed!

Today I am pregnant smile

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