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Nub Theory.......Boy or Girl.......?!?!

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montyandmabel Mon 02-Feb-15 23:27:14

Hi...I keep seeing mention of the "nub theory" of guessing the gender of a baby...but I honestly can't see it myself on any scan pics!!

This is my 12 week scan from my current pregnancy. Any ideas??

NetballHoop Mon 02-Feb-15 23:31:23

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'd leave all the theories behind you and enjoy the fact that you have a beautiful baby on it's way.

montyandmabel Mon 02-Feb-15 23:36:02

Thank you! Haha, I know, & we really don't mind either way...I'm just intrigued, that's all. I'm 27 weeks now & we haven't found out the sex...but am just wondering if it was obvious to some people with better eyesight than me smile

montyandmabel Tue 03-Feb-15 09:45:16

Does anyone have any ideas please? smile

Currentlyclueless Tue 03-Feb-15 09:55:50

I can't make out the nub

montyandmabel Tue 03-Feb-15 11:55:19

Oh no, really?! Thought it was quite a clear pic... sad

Currentlyclueless Tue 03-Feb-15 11:59:44

You can't always see the nub unfortunately babies like to be awkward! It might just be me that can't see it though sorry

Jodie1982 Tue 03-Feb-15 12:23:22

I can't see a Nub either sorry.

montyandmabel Tue 03-Feb-15 19:49:51

Thanks anyway. Looks like we're destined not to find out til he/she decides to arrive... smile

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