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New to this, am I pregnant?

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KaseyW Mon 02-Feb-15 18:50:20

Ok so I've read hundreds of posts on here for the past few months however everyone is different so I thought maybe I'll join the club.
Basically I was due my second shot of depo on November 10th 2014, partner and I decided to start trying so I never returned for it. I had awful symptoms after coming off this shot and I will NEVER go back on it. I've not yet had my period however for the past 9days I've had cramps every day. I'd read a few posts on here on Saturday evening (two days ago) and decided there and then to take a test. Almost straight away a very faint thick line appeared and slowly became darker (yet still faint). I have taken multiple tests since and all have been negative. I'm not sure what this could mean and since I've not had a period since depo I'm not sure when I'd be due or when I would have ovulated or if I'm just one of the rare false positives I do have a picture but I'm unsure how to upload. Any advice or has anyone else been in a similar situation? Anything would be a great comfort! Thanks to anyone who replies! Xx

SergeantJarhead Mon 02-Feb-15 19:15:26

I'm not sure what advice to give Kasey but didn't want to leave you hanging. I suggest you try an ovulating test? Do you have any pregnant type symptoms btw? I wouldn't panic too much just yet, maybe just to see if AF arrives and then go on from there?
(Apologies for useless advice but my 1st and so far only child was insta-baby so I was ignorant about cycles and ovulations etc)


KaseyW Mon 02-Feb-15 22:25:41

Thank you for replying! I've had the whole sore breasts, cramps, sore lower back, and headaches so far but I'm just frustrated from all the negatives after one definite positive. I've read about chemical pregnancies and all sorts. I'm just not sure whether I should take that positive as I am or wait a week and test again. Thank you for the reply though! X

blackwidow74 Mon 02-Feb-15 22:35:35

I had terrible trouble with the depo and after just one injection and a bad reaction I failed to conceive with #4 for 18 months ... and only then after a 3 month course of Clomid ...

Try a different brand of test with first wee of the day ... I recommend First Response ... Some people I know got pregnant immediately after refusing the next injection, others took much longer! All the very best and here's to a bfp for you very soon smile

KaseyW Mon 02-Feb-15 22:38:22

Thank you blackwidow, I guess I'll wait a few days and try again �� xxx

SergeantJarhead Tue 03-Feb-15 17:51:10

Forgot to add, KaseyW I am also waiting to see two happy little blue lines on a pee stick soon, you are not alone!

betsy26051 Tue 03-Feb-15 19:32:15

Hello. I am a little bit nervous but wanted someone to talk to.
I have felt pregnant for 2 weeks now. I am not due for a period until this Thursday but took a test this morning. There was a really faint line after about 10 mins. I did this afternoon and again there was a faint line. Should i take it as a def positive or not? I spotted slightly about 3 days after i believe i conceived and i have very sore boobs and a huge appetite!!
Any opinion or advice welcome xx

helensburgh Tue 03-Feb-15 19:35:36

Betty I'm sure a faint line is positive. Hope it's good news, I'd take one in the am, maybe a learblue dating one

KaseyW Wed 04-Feb-15 16:37:56

Hi betsy, I've done so much reading over the past week and seen so many different things said but it is suggested that any positive is a positive and it's very rare to get a false positive. However I know the stress of not having a clear positive in front of you, I had a faint one on Saturday and nothing since. Since then I've read a lot about people getting a faint positive around 7dpo then negatives until 14dpo. I'm hoping that's my case! I've also read a lot of women get cold like symptoms during the TWW which I seem to have developed the last couple days. Fingers crossed for you though! It would be nice to hear an update from you xx

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