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3 lines means a girl?

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nataliekristin Mon 02-Feb-15 15:36:42

I had a 34 week scan today, haven't found out the sex for definite but when she moved to the baby's tummy I could see 3 very definite lines just below it. is this a good indication it's a girl?

flippityflip Mon 02-Feb-15 16:23:47

It really depends on what angle you saw the three lines from.I think it has to be up from below that you would see them.I have always been terrible at reading scans though so often wasn't sure what I was looking at. If you're any better at reading them than me you may be right!

Newcy Mon 02-Feb-15 16:24:54

I had my 20 week scan and found out that we are having a girl smile the lady said she was looking for 3 lines so you could be having a girl

nataliekristin Mon 02-Feb-15 16:42:48

It would have been face on to the baby so maybe I can't be too sure if it needs to be from the bottom up. ah well not long to go til I find out!

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