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nipping/tearing feeling somewhere around cervix plus uti type symptoms

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flippityflip Mon 02-Feb-15 12:37:38

But not a uti?I was just up in the EOU as GP had sent me up this morning.Went to GP thinking I had a UTI then had a v small bright red bleed while doing sample for GP,bad burning when pee etc but no infection found. They sent me to maternity who scanned,took blood pressure, did an examination,took a swab and got me to do another urine sample,blood already less with this one but still a little there.Pain is really sore and sharp,like tearing or pinching when I walk and still burning badly when pee. Anyone any idea what this is?Have now been discharged as they couldn't find anything of concern but I am still really sore confused
Sorry this is a bit of a ramble and far TMI!

Galvanized Mon 02-Feb-15 12:38:34

How many weeks are you?

flippityflip Mon 02-Feb-15 12:50:39

29 almost 30. I had been feeling very tired,nauseous and headachey all weekend but as I came down with a head cold Saturday morning I put it all down to that,these later symptoms started late last night. Only other detail is that baby is sitting v low but so was my last and never had this!

flippityflip Mon 02-Feb-15 13:39:04


flippityflip Mon 02-Feb-15 18:58:47

Bumping again just in case anyone around this evening has had anything like this.

Kemlex13 Mon 02-Feb-15 22:34:18

Same symptoms this weekend but was uti :/ I'm
Amazed they discharged you without answers!

flippityflip Tue 03-Feb-15 20:43:50

I know!I was a bit shock but they just said to go back in if it got worse or if it cleared up but came back.
I spoke to a doctor friend who thinks it might be cervical erosion,she said the pain isn't so common with it but it would explain the bleed.It has eased some with resting and the bleeding seems to have stopped now thankfully but with 10 weeks to go I'm going to have to resume normal service asap (have been off work yesterday and today),esp. with no real diagnosis.
Feeling a bit sorry for myself. confused

Kemlex13 Tue 03-Feb-15 21:47:21

No wonder, can you get a line maybe get a week off? Urgh pregnancy is wonderful eh! Always something lol xx

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