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Weight gain :-(

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boatrace30 Mon 02-Feb-15 11:59:43

Hi, everyone keeps telling me not to worry but I am getting extremely anxious about weight gain.
I'm 22weeks pregnant, and so far have gained 8kg (17lb). Until 4 weeks ago I was gaining a 'normal' amount (I put on 2-3kg in the first trimester, and then gained at half a kilo (1lb) a week. But in the last four weeks I have been gaining over 1kilo (2lbs) each week.
I haven't been eating much more than normal, and while I have exercised less than pre-pregnancy I lead a relatively active lifestyle. BMI was the top end of normal (24) before I became pregnant.
I just wanted to ask, is it normal to have spurts of weight gain? (this is my first pregnancy) - my bump does seem to get bigger by the day! Is it likely to calm down, or do I need to try and be even more careful with food/exercise.

boatrace30 Mon 02-Feb-15 12:07:43

For some reason my original post seems to be missing! (Or I am about to duplicate)

Anyway, I have been told my friends etc. not to worry but I am getting very anxious about weight gain.
I am 22 weeks pregnant and have gained 8kilos (17lbs). Until 4 weeks ago I was gaining wright within guidelines. I gained about 2-3kg in the first trimester (needed to eat to stop feeling nauseous) and then was gaining at approx. 1lb a week (half a kilo). In the last few weeks the weight has been piling on, over 2lbs a week (1kg+). I've not eaten much more than normal and while I used to exercise more, I am reasonably active.

I just wanted to ask (this is a first pregnancy) is uneven weight gain like this normal? Am I just having a growth spurt (my bump is getting bigger by the day). Or, do I need to really start to try and manage it by being more careful with eating/exercise.

heliotrope Mon 02-Feb-15 15:05:40

I am 26 weeks and have gained 2st from similar starting bmi. It is more than guidelines say ( or at top end) but that is how my body does pregnancy ( fourth time round). I put on back and arm fat and boobs expand too, as well as good bump. I would like to gain a bit less but the fat stores will convert to milk for baby. It cones off easily to a point (6months ish) then I have to make a bit of effort to eat fewer cakes to get back (nearly) to my ideal weight.
I wouldn't worry about it if you are eating a reasonable diet. Everyone's different x

Happilymarried155 Mon 02-Feb-15 16:44:48

I wouldn't worry too much, you will gain what you need to gain as long as you are eating properly. Everyone is different. I'm now 39 weeks and have only put on a stone despite having a terrible sweet tooth. All pregnancies are different x

sebsmummy1 Mon 02-Feb-15 16:49:35

With my sons pregnancy I think input on 2 stone overall. But I know people who put on four! For me the key was my arms and legs. If they had got bigger alongside my tummy i think that would have concerned me. As it was my arms and legs didn't change.

This time though I am nearly 10 weeks and my appetite is ridiculous so I just know I'm going to struggle. The only thing that makes me feel less queasy is eating!!

boatrace30 Mon 02-Feb-15 21:12:12

Thanks everyone! I was exactly the same in first trimester. Had to eat to feel less queasy! Mostly the weight gain is all boobs and bump. Maybe a little on legs and arms but not much, I think that is more flab from exercising less.
Didn't help today though when a colleague said "gosh, you are big for five months!"

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