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Fanjo hair removal tips!

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Gemzybelle Sat 31-Jan-15 23:33:54

Hello all grin

In 3rd tri now and finding maintenance of my ladybits quite difficult as I can no longer see it! So beginning to sport quite a impressive rug down there.

Short of asking DH to 'mow the lawn' for me, is there anything I can do? Are hair removal creams safe to use?

Bit worried that when I go into labour the midwife won't be able to see what's going on down there grin

VixxFace Sat 31-Jan-15 23:41:49

Could you go and have a wax?

fattymcfatfat Sat 31-Jan-15 23:44:12

Lol I justnlet it go wild! I cant see to shave when im nearing the end, dont fancy getting it waxed (ouch) and im allergic to hair removal creams. Ive had two so far and midwives have never said anything about it being.erm ...well, a bloody mess. ..may have been thinking it but never said it lok

milkysmum Sat 31-Jan-15 23:45:26

I just went and got a wax done ( nothing drastic like- just to neaten it upwink)

Jodie1982 Sun 01-Feb-15 00:06:13

Omg it's hard wrk! I've been using Veet Bikini Hair removal cream, and at 38wks it's nearly impossible to see/feel what I'm doing. I'm sure I'm going to have Bald patches dwn there on Dday! Lol grin

Artistic Sun 01-Feb-15 00:08:07

Trim using a mirror?

lemisscared Sun 01-Feb-15 00:08:27

but why????confused

usualsuspect333 Sun 01-Feb-15 00:12:35

Do you really think the midwife will care?

Shallishanti Sun 01-Feb-15 00:14:40

I can assure you the mw won't be the slightest bit surprised or upset to see pubic hair on a woman

Gemzybelle Sun 01-Feb-15 00:20:02

Thanks for the tips grin

I know the midwife won't actually be interested in the style of my pubic hair! But I do feel pretty untidy and would like to neaten up at least.

Also the thought of all the bleeding afterwards combined with overgrown ladyarea is a bit bleurrgh to me confused

angel24711 Sun 01-Feb-15 06:36:28

I agree a trim is a essential. I bleed last time for 4 weeks and i was so grateful I had virtually no lady garden. I hate using pads, and I had a fair amount of stitching, so being a bit bare down there mean keeping everything clean a bit easier.

Jackieharris Sun 01-Feb-15 06:54:44

Don't remove all your pubic hair, that can increase your risk of infection. It's there for a reason.

lemisscared Sun 01-Feb-15 08:16:28

get your dp/dh to do it?

blankfornames Sun 01-Feb-15 08:24:21

Hi OP, I was advised by my consultant to wax or shave before the big day. He says it a) makes it easier for neater knitting back together and b) lowers chance of infection too. Not thrilled about prospect! Will book a facial too to soften the blow!

TheBooMonster Sun 01-Feb-15 08:30:53

I let it all grow wild last time and spent most of the time from being given a pessary till I got to the post delivery ward apologising for the forest, not that anyone much cared. However afterwards, 6 weeks or bleeding with a forest was awful. This time I'm going for a wax!

Letmeeatcakecakecake Sun 01-Feb-15 10:11:47

Oh gosh I skipped my last Hollywood.... Thankfully I can't see it to know just how bad it is but I'm assuming it's pretty horrendous!

I'm going to get my next one done on Friday! I'll be 28+6 and I think ill book another one for 33+6 and another one for 36+6.... Fingers crossed I don't need the 40+ top up!

If you have a hot wax done it's virtually painless! Honestly!

Strip waxes are unbearable but where I go they only use hot wax and it barely hurts and it's over within 5 minutes (if only the same could be said for labour eh?)

I was accidentally caught out with a 'full muff' last night, I was actually mortified!

rubberducky87 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:20:51

36 weeks here! Honestly, squatting over a mirror is the best way for me and shave from behind not the front. The only thing I can do at the moment!! grin

ISolemnlySwearImUptoNoGood Sun 01-Feb-15 10:22:27

My understanding DH did mine on my due date. And my legs, seeing as it was getting increasingly difficult to reach those too. Then he painted my toes nails so I'd have nice feet for labour day grin

FeatherFeather11 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:26:28

39 + 3 here. Seconding the squatting over a mirror, but I used OH's clippers and have myself a buzz cut. Wondering if I should bother with a wax n tidy now too....hmm

Oh, and by the way, don't really care what the midwwives/doc think, but I'm in the camp of bleeding for six weeks/stitches etc may be easier to keep clean without the 70s bush!

fattymcfatfat Sun 01-Feb-15 10:26:31

Oh yes the mirror works if you can get it positioned right! Still very awkward thoughand my exp wouldnt hold it for me!

leanne963 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:27:11

I've never had a bikini wax before, but I'm guessing they hair can't be too long as the wax won't grab it properly am I right? I think I might just do the veet cream as soon as I start getting some sort of indication of impending labour.

I know the midwives won't mind but my bikini line tends to start travelling down the inside of my legs and I just hate it. Laser hair removal did sod all. Don't waste the money lol

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Sun 01-Feb-15 10:30:54

Whatever you do, do not attempt to trim it yourself! I did and thinking about it later it was such a stupid risky thing to do! blush

I kept hassling DH to have a look and see if I'm 'even' - he kept bursting out laughing as it was like the fanjo version of the Spanish Inquisition - he'd be minding his own business and I'd waddle up plonk my leg on a chair hands on hips demanding he check...he's a patient man grin

Momzilla82 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:35:38

You can buy a bikini trimmer- its like a small version of what men use on their head. It has a guide so you don't mutilate yourself. You don't need to be able to see to mow the lawn. It's not a wax- but you can have a number one ;)

TiddlesUpATree Sun 01-Feb-15 10:40:38

If you trim it with a bikini trimmer will it be itchy or uncomfortable? I tend to be natural down there but would like to get rid of it for the birth. Very nervous though.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Sun 01-Feb-15 10:41:10

It has a guide so you don't mutilate yourself. You don't need to be able to see to mow the lawn.

Momzilla That NEEDS to be the blurb on the packet of a lady shave grin

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