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pregnancy symptoms!!

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ljjeffro Sat 31-Jan-15 18:49:48

im over 9 weeks pregnant and still have no pregnancy symptoms!! I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago after 4 positive tests and I did a 5th one on Wednesday (just to make sure). Has anyone else experienced this? im sure everything is fine but im a bit worried. This is my first pregnancy and I dont really know what to expect!

GoooRooo Sat 31-Jan-15 18:57:42

I'm 5 + 6 and have nothing. I felt a bit just before my BFP but that's it. My pregnancy with DS was very different - loads of symptoms. This time there's no nausea, sore boobs or anything. I am also v worried, especially as I had a MC last year, and have booked an early scan for 8 weeks. But maybe it's a girl this time and that's why it's different, who knows.

GoooRooo Sat 31-Jan-15 18:58:01

I felt a bit odd just before my BFP.

Zsazsabinks Sat 31-Jan-15 20:19:21

Oh yes, DD2 I felt nothing at all. Really worrying when you go online and everything says "Sickness is a sign of a strong pregnancy"! DD2 whole pregnancy was a breeze, labour was (pretty much as far as can be) a breeze. Happy, healthy almost two year old now!

Try not to worry. You'll feel a lot better when you get kicks and a bump. :D

Currentlyclueless Sun 01-Feb-15 06:44:25

Having no symptoms is normal it's actually more common than you would think! Only worry if you bleed or have severe pain.

People can have symptoms and still miscarry symptoms don't indicate a healthy/non healthy pregnancy.


Jackieharris Sun 01-Feb-15 06:52:02

I had a symptomless first pregnancy. It was easy. Relax and be grateful!

angelicjen Sun 01-Feb-15 07:19:32

Lucky you, enjoy it!

Crystal049 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:10:15

I'm 11+3 and had no sickness, nausea or anything just a bit more tired and got scan on Thursday, thinking is anything going to be in there haha x

sebsmummy1 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:12:45

I had two weeks of mild nausea with DS at 9 weeks and that was it. The pregnancy was perfect.

I have had a lot more nausea with this pregnancy which has surprised me but each pregnancy is different so you shouldn't compare.

Have you thought about having an early scan just to put your mind at rest?

sianihedgehog Sun 01-Feb-15 10:24:07

Yep, I have no classic symptoms. I do have slightly bigger boobs, my nipples look slightly odd, and a bit of tiredness, but no morning sickness and my boobs are not particularly sore - I can still sleep on my front in comfort.

Don't worry, OP, it's actually quite common!

laughingmyarseoff Sun 01-Feb-15 11:08:43

My friend had 2 symptomless pregnancies, she barely gained a baby bump too!

ljjeffro Sun 01-Feb-15 12:00:44

Thanks everyone, I feel much better now! smile

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