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Question on bleed

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Aley009 Fri 30-Jan-15 18:37:07

Hi so i was 6 weeks post c section on Wednesday & I stopped bleeding at about the 5 week mark.
Me and OH dtd on Tuesday silly to of done so Unprotected.
Today I had a small random pink bleed , it went after alittle.
I have been doing a lot today but I have done a lot other times and had no blood after. But im wondering If anyone elses bleed has come back after this long ?

wigfieldrocks Sat 31-Jan-15 05:45:03

Yes I've had two sections now and after both the bleeding seemed to stop quite weekly then randomly come back on and off until about 6-7 weeks. Sex and excersize where both triggers for a bit of bleeding. I was told it was normal by my GP at the 6 week check.

wigfieldrocks Sat 31-Jan-15 05:45:31

I meant stop quickly not weekly sorry!

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