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St Tropez when pregnant?!

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HollyC255552 Thu 29-Jan-15 21:24:55

Basically just want to know if you can use St Tropez mousse when pregnant? Have a meal out Saturday and would like to look a little bronzed.


blankfornames Fri 30-Jan-15 08:28:00

Hi Holly. I'd possibly steer clear of it for the first trimester but if you're further along don't think it's a problem. Have a good night out!

Number3cometome Fri 30-Jan-15 09:17:28

Mousse is absolutely fine - it's only spray you need to be cautious about.

Happy tanning!

Currentlyclueless Fri 30-Jan-15 10:16:23

It's safe regardless of trimester. If it's a spray make sure you're well ventilated

HollyC255552 Sat 31-Jan-15 22:25:53

Thanks v much ladies - looking lovely and bronzed now. smile

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