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Suspect I might be pregnant and booked in for long awaited Tattoo this week coming

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temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 14:35:44

Hi there

Looking for advice please. I'm around 10 dpo (possibly slightly later) and have been feeling unusual past 5 days or so.

My list of symptoms

Increased Christ /dry mouth (since 5dpo)
Increased urge to pee (since 5dpo)
Shooting/tugging pains in cervix
Metalic taste in mouth
Sore throat
Runny nose
Increased wind/ flatulence
Heavy feeling/pressure in abdomen
Throbbing boob ( yes just one or the other) Which lasted for the day
Prickling cramping on n off for a day or so
Increased creamy cm sorry if tmi
Increasingly hungry
Very tired in the day
Restless at night /early morning
A bit more emotional than usual
Heightened sense of smell ( not sure if just wishful thinking)

The past day or so I have had a upset stomach. I had nausea while trying to eat yesterday and pain appear after eating. I have IBS so can't put too much stock into this. I have been pregnant once before which was a chemical pregnancy. My family guessed I was pregnant ( god knows how!) From the appearance of my belly even before I'd missed my period. I suspect this was more the IBS than anything else as I do bloat up and down. For the couple of weeks from ovulation to taking the test my stomach was constantly bloathed. This time around there is a distinct lack of bloatedness . I have recently stating drinking green tea to aid my digestive system so again unsure.

I tried taking a test this morning which was negative. It wasn't an early test. I'm due on Monday. The tattoo place have let me off paying the deposit until tomorrow. If I cancel once I have paid the deposit down I won't receive it back.

I really want to hang on until Monday but need to pay the deposit tomorrow. I feel testing before Monday with an early test is setting myself up for disappointment. But I have got past the point of just seeing if AF arrives think I have convinced myself I am pregnant. Its all I can think about. Also I need to be cautious in my line of work.

Does anyone else think I could be? Or its just wishful thinking ?

Also should I cancel the appointment if I am? Hubby says I should be fine. I have googled it and the Jury is out on that the opinion of a tattoo while pregnant .

advice greatly appreciated

temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 14:37:38

Increased thirst not Christ, sorry .

Letmeeatcakecakecake Thu 29-Jan-15 15:40:47

To be honest id just wait until after the tattoo...

I had 2 sessions of laser removal in pregnancy and the only concern is risk of infection and slightly more sensitive skin!

temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 16:10:15

Hi there letmeeatcake

Thank-you very much for your reply, regarding the increased risk of infection yes that's what I have read. I phoned up the tattoo place as a customer making a general query, didn't say I'm already booked in as didn't want to have to explain and jinx anything. They said if I was to offically put it down on the forms they would not do it. If I was to go ahead without making it known its not advised as your body is going through trauma.

I feel on the one hand im being overly cautious and on the other I would be unwise to go ahead. Not knowing if I'm pregnant is driving me crazy not (just) because of the tattoo just generally xx

Honeydragon Thu 29-Jan-15 16:12:37

The right thing to do is to tell the tattooist, it's unfair if you dont. Or ask, many will aks on the consent form if you think you may be pregnant, are you breast feeding etc.

It's their right to refuse.

Honeydragon Thu 29-Jan-15 16:15:36

Personally, however, I wouldnt. I know how my head works and if I MC for whatever reason subsequently, that tattoo would be a permanent reminder of that, cause or not.

Everyone is different, but for me, I couldn't do it.

temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 16:59:06

Hi there HoneyDragon

Yes you are right, if I actually was and knew for sure I wouldn't lie to them as its there business at risk, there reputable and nice people. I didn't say I'm already booked in for the fact I'd need to explain then if I started AF would look sheepish , not to be dishonest.

The tattoo is a birthday present from my o.h its one I have wanted to get for many years in honour of a special family member which means a lot . We finally have the money for me to get it done . He has said it will be fine. If I was to find out i am and book with another Tattoo place that will do it I'm not sure if that would be wise to still go ahead.

I think as I'm only around 10 dpo any early test won't work just yet it needs to be more or less the day I'm due. I don't know if the above symptoms are Enough to go on or just wishful thinking??

temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 17:40:51

Cross post there Honey dragon.

I do feel I am overly cautious regarding the tattoo as I am scared of anything that could go wrong, due to losing the baby last year. What you expressed resonated with me I too would wonder if the tattoo caused me to miscarry what I didn't think of was the tattoo as a reminder itself. Thank-you for pointing this out to me as im a bit all over the place atm . im really Thank-full to you for that and have decided if I was to find out I'm pregnant I will put the tattoo on hold until a later date xx

blackwidow74 Thu 29-Jan-15 17:59:17

As a tattooist myself I won't tattoo anyone knowing they are pregnant simply through ethics ... ask yourself this question ... you test positive and go ahead with tattoo anyway ... then you meet problems either with bad healing or with baby ... who is the first person you seek to blame?
There has not been enough research into the ink molecules and passing through to baby been done to say one way or another and some will argue it's no different to dying hair at home ... The difference being you put that responsibility on someone else whereas you dye your own hair! Put off booking the tattoo until you know for sure ... you've waited this long, what's another week?

temporaryname2015 Thu 29-Jan-15 22:56:12

Hi Blackwidow74

Thank-you very much for your reply and insight. Yes you are certainly right people do seek to blame others. Although it is not proven to cause direct harm to the baby in pregnancy its very wise to not tattoo a person that is pregnant due to ethics. Personally ifi I thought it had caused anything to go wrong, i would not blame the person who tattooed me , but myself for my descicion. I appreciate not everyone will think this way. Either way I am not going to put myself in that position and the various replys have helped give me a better perspective as whether its proven to be safe or unsafe it does not sit right with me.

I am already booked in for the tattoo provisonally and have booked time off to have it done as im in a manual job. I need to pay a deposit tommorow. If i find out I am pregnant before I pay the deposit I will cancel the appointment if its after which will be before the actual appointment I will won't go ahead with the Tattoo for my own peice of mind.

ClearlyOpaque Fri 30-Jan-15 12:48:47

Why can't you just wait a few weeks before booking tattoo? As a PP said, you've waited this long, what's another few weeks?

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