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A little reasurrance (not sure if i posted in right place)

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kamelmi Thu 29-Jan-15 14:01:36

Hi all. Not sure if im posting this in the right place. Im currently 27 and a half weeks pregnant with mine and my partners (of 3 yrs) 1st baby together. I do have 4 other children....oldest will be 13 next week and youngest is coming up to 7. about 5 yrs ago Social service intervened and placed all my children into care. My oldest boy (8) is the only one who has been adopted. My 2 girls are with paternal grandparents ( still with social worker although they are taking about delegating care) and youngest is with his dad. (no social worker)

At my 16 week appt my midwife filled out a caf assessment and my partner came to my appt with me. Ive only just heard something from the social. Midwife said she had no concerns and for me to keep turning up to appts which i do anyway.Living in a different place ( my old flat was one of the main problems before) Lots more family and friends support. Both me and my partner work full time although im due to go on to maternity leave in a couple weeks.

Just wondering if anyone else has been in similar situation and been able to keep other children when circumstances have changed.

Thanks for reading.

Number3cometome Thu 29-Jan-15 16:05:54


Yes, but not me personally.

I had an acquittance (my ex's best friend's sister) who had 4 children.

The first 3 were removed from her care and put up for adoption (she obviously no longer sees these children)

They had different fathers and were removed for different reasons - one was removed at the hospital a couple of days after birth.

She changed her circumstances in her life and met a new partner, although her life was still far from stable she was allowed to keep the 4th child.

Last thing I knew she was pregnant again and still had her child.

Best of luck OP

JennyBlueWren Thu 29-Jan-15 21:02:10

Through my work I have met parents who have had children taken into care. If you have changed your life (often through changing your partner) and built on advice given then you should do fine. Be honest though and speak to people if you are having any problems and listen to their advice -often mums try to pretend everything is fine now as they worry they'll lose their children if they say anything different.

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