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Breastfeeding in pregnancy/ changes in pattern

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Kemlex13 Wed 28-Jan-15 18:43:32

Not sure where to post this...

33 weeks still bf DD2, past few days she can't get enough boob! They are raw thanks to her not giving them a break. When I say no she screams and fights and pulls them out (she's 14 months, I desperately want to wean her) I ALWAYS give in due to being way to exhausted to fight or put up with the screaming tbh. Anyway point I'm getting to, can she tell labours coming? Like would there be a dramatic change in milk? I'm high risk or preterm labour and have been symptomatic past few days, this is starting to worry me with the dramatic change, normally she wants boob if she's hurt or upset. Once a day kinda thing. I'm actually locked in bathroom just now just for a break :/

Anyone any experience? Tia xx

Kelbells Wed 28-Jan-15 22:22:24

I'm 28 weeks and still nursing DS who's 27months, I'm also at risk of preterm labour (incompetent cervix in last pregnancy but measuring normal through this one so far). I weaned him down to 3 feeds a day early on - in the preparation for weaning him completely should I need to but sometimes he does want boob all the time if he's under the weather etc... I do remember a point around 14-15 months that he was feeding constantly so not sure if there's a growth spurt/wonder week around this time?also wondered if your colostrum had just come in? I've heard they often go mad once it comes back after months of low milk being available! I'm part of a great group on Facebook ' 'pregnant and/or tandem breastfeeders' that you might find supportive?

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