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Bloid and protein in urine

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weelamb123 Wed 28-Jan-15 17:31:21

15 weeks and really unwell. Went to docs and she found blood and protein in urine plus BP was low. Doc going to speak to obstetrician, but want does this mean? Xx

Seasidedolly Wed 28-Jan-15 18:26:45

Blood traces in urine could mean a UTI, at my last app (28 wks) I had traces of blood in my urine and the midwife asked if I had water infection symptoms, I didn't apart from constantly needing to wee but I'd assume that's because there is a baby headbutting my bladder smile

Anyway the sample was sent away but came back contaminated but midwife didn't seem concerned about doing another sample if I didn't have UTI symptoms.

Protein can be a sign of pre eclampsia but I think that's later in pregnancy than 15 weeks. Plus I think pre eclampsia is related to high BP not low.

Has your sample been sent away? You should only have to wait a few days for the results. Best of luck and try not to worry

jmojo Wed 28-Jan-15 19:03:07

Yes pre eclampsia is high bp. Sounds like a potential urine infection. Have you had them before? Have u had sex as u can get traces of blood after that too? Low bp is normal in early pregnancy.

I would think the doc should do a urine culture and see what grows. If you are symptomatic ie pain/burning on peeing, kidney pain (just below the ribs on your back) or a temperature then he may give you antibiotics before the results are back. Increased frequency in preg is hard to use as a diagnosis, as pp pointed out, you are probably peeing lots anyway. If u don't have symptoms he may wait to prescribe as it could be contamination.
Drink lots of water to flush your system and wait to see what the foc says. If you get symptoms csll hom back.

weelamb123 Wed 28-Jan-15 20:25:55

No, doc didn't send sample away bit was going to speak to an obstetrician for advice. I had a kidney stone last year which was agony so I hope its not the start of another one. Thanks for ur replies xx

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