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13 week, clear watery discharge?

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Skinnylegs33 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:19:28


A couple of days ago I started feeling discomfort down there, it got quite itchy and looks inflamed/swollen blush
Last night it got extremely itchy and Ive noticed I had a very clear, watery discharge. It was odourless and it felt very wet.
I was a bit shock by it all but didn't think much of it as I was too busy scratching myself (so much that my skin bled)
Anyway, today I had this thought that it could have been amniotic fluid and now I'm terrified and can't literally obsessing over it.
I had thrush before, but can't remember whether I had any watery discharges then. I definitely had the thick creamy discharge that normally comes with yeast infections.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Skinnylegs33 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:21:15

Sorry for the bad spellingblush typing from my phone and at work

Babiecakes11 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:27:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkie1982 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:50:37

You will get increased discharge from now anyway. Are you itching cos you are hot? I am feeling warmer than I usually do. If you are sore I would definitely visit GP or give midwife a call for advice.

seaoflove Wed 28-Jan-15 13:54:49

It's normal for things to look and feel a little swollen. Discharge is also normal, as long as it's not weird smelling or with any blood.

The itching and discomfort needs checking out, though.

Skinnylegs33 Wed 28-Jan-15 14:20:54

Thanks everyone, I recognise the itching from previous episodes of yeast infections, I have no doubt that's what it is.

I'll try fixing it with yogurt before I resort to pessaries or cream ( I did not even take a patacetamol this pregnancy and will try to avoid medicating as much as possible if safe)

Guyropes Wed 28-Jan-15 14:58:31

I would make an appointment straight away. If you're itching so badly it could be an infection.

sianihedgehog Wed 28-Jan-15 15:09:04

GO TO THE DOCTOR!! There are some medications for yeast infections that are not safe in pregnancy, and leaving it untreated while you try yoghurt is definitely not safe.

Swanny84 Wed 28-Jan-15 16:01:10

I posted something similar last week minus the itching. I'm 14+2 and the discharge isn't watery or as much now, still odourless. Not very sexy this pregnancy malarkey. Hope you get sorted soon

Guyropes Wed 28-Jan-15 18:31:21

The itching is a sign of infection. It could be group b strep, and if you're not sure how nasty that can be during childbirth, google it. Not worth the risk... Get swabs done while you've got plenty of fluid..

misssmilla1 Wed 28-Jan-15 18:37:58

I had an episode last near (before pregnancy) where I had a weird reaction and everything had swollen and was itching like crazy but wasn't thrush. I ended up narrowing down the cause to pantyliners (Always and their protective layer!) plus I often wore no VPL knickers from M&S which were synthetic.

Stopped doing both of these and used unperfumed soap and it went away. Still prone to flare ups tho so have had to change to organic and unbleached liners etc

Skinnylegs33 Thu 29-Jan-15 20:18:50

misssmilla you are right. I went on cotton knickers and it got much better, thank god.
guyropes what makes you associate my symptoms with b strep? I have googled it and unless I'm really bad at it I can't find it anywhere to suggest similar symptoms are caused by b strep?

Swanny84 Thu 29-Jan-15 20:22:59

Most women don't know they have group b as it doesn't always show any symptoms. I have group b and it was found on routine swab (no symptoms) at 36 weeks pregnant 10 years ago. Not sure they even do routine swabs now but if your worried you could ask for one to rule it out but I had no symptoms at all.

FoxHugs Fri 30-Jan-15 01:48:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seaoflove Fri 30-Jan-15 10:11:58

I have group b and it was found on routine swab (no symptoms) at 36 weeks pregnant 10 years ago

The tricky thing about Group B Strep is it comes and goes, so just because you tested positive once ten years ago, it doesn't mean you have it for life.

The NHS don't routinely swab for it, no, unless they think you need one for whatever reason.

You can pay for a private test towards the end of pregnancy, but that's a whole can of worms and can throw your birth plans completely into disarray if you do test positive (I should know, it happened to me!).

Guyropes Fri 30-Jan-15 11:13:28

Hi skinny, group b strep is often the bacteria which causes bacterial vaginosis (bv) of which increased discharge and itching are often symptoms. I know this, unfortunately, from personal experience.

It would be well worth eliminating this possibility now. If you decide not to get swabs done, it could be something that flares up again in late pregnancy, and as a pp mentioned, could change your birth plan (iv antibiotics)

Or you could get swabs done now, and eliminate the worry.

Swanny84 Fri 30-Jan-15 11:17:26

Yep I tested positive 10 years ago, they wouldn't test with second 6 years ago (said it wasn't necessary) and this time I was in with suspected ectopic and they done swabs and again I'm positive but I've never had symptoms.

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