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Measuring big?

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hazel88 Wed 28-Jan-15 11:10:47

Morning ladies,

I'm 36+4 and just returned from seeing the Midwife. She's referring me for a scan next week as my bump has been consistently measuring above average and on this visit more so than usual (measuring 40cm compared to the top average of 37cm). She explained how it doesn't necessarily mean a large baby, and my large bump measurement could be just a bit more fluid than average.

I'm not too worried but just a little concerned. Has anyone else been told they're measuring big, and what's the outcome been?

Thanks smile

rubyboo2 Wed 28-Jan-15 11:37:43

Hi Hazel I am measuring massive well off my personal growth chart . My baby was estimated to be 8lb at 36 wks , I also have extra fluid . Ive had lots of tests and and consultant says I just make big babies ! My last one 9lb 2oz and early ! Wait until youve had your scan and see what they say. Take care x

hazel88 Wed 28-Jan-15 11:59:49

Thankyou smile

Manyproblemsinthishouse Wed 28-Jan-15 12:02:32

I measured 5 weeks ahead all through my pregnancy, They told me she was going to be very big. I was 2 weeks late and she weighed 8lb5oz, so I panicked for nothing!

Awakeagain Wed 28-Jan-15 12:05:21

I apparently measured small (my bump was not small)
When I went for he scan the sonographer said 'so you've come because you're big!?'
Me 'er no, small?!'
At 36 weeks it was estimated ds was 7lb 5, he was born at 42 weeks at 9lb 6
The doc I saw explained that it could be diabetes or infection creating increased fluid - no conclusive results
Or just that ds was big and I make big babies and big babies need more fluid
I wouldn't worry about it

m33r Wed 28-Jan-15 12:47:41

Everyone - and I mean everyone! - I meet can't believe I'm 33 weeks pregnant as they think I'm really small and have a tiny bump. My MW on the other hand is measuring me 2 weeks ahead... I think it's a bit random and nothing at all to worry about. I'm certainly not giving it any thought! Be nice to see an extra scan though!! :-)

hazel88 Wed 28-Jan-15 12:48:15

Thanks ladies smile

Hobby2014 Wed 28-Jan-15 12:52:16

I measured bang on each week.
DS was 11lb 7oz grin

willitbe Wed 28-Jan-15 14:06:25

My biggest bump (second pregnancy), which midwives kept asking if I was sure it was not twins!!!! and gave me the most stretch marks, was my smallest baby at 7lb3oz. It was loads of water and not so much baby, my next pregnancy my bump was smaller size, but turned out to be all baby and not much water with a 9lb whopper!

One lady I was in the maternity ward with, had been told she was measuring small, and they even took her around the special care unit as they thought the baby might need extra help. However she then gave birth to baby weighting over 12lb, all the prem baby clothes had to be taken back and exchanged for the 3 to 6 months size.

So bump size truly does not equate to anything and even the scans can get it wrong late in pregnancy. The only issue with extra water is that the baby has extra room to move around in and could potentially cause cord issues, otherwise no problem.

hazel88 Wed 28-Jan-15 14:41:33

Phew, thanks for putting my mind at rest. I look forward to the scan to find out more and see our little lady again!

NickyEds Wed 28-Jan-15 15:40:35

I measured large at 30 weeks and went for a scan. Everything was fine but it was odd as everyone was saying what a neat little bump I had and literally no one believed how far along I was (still in my normal jeans qt 20 weeks). When DS came along he was a 6lb 5oz tiddler. The scan was amazing though (once we'd established everything was fine), you could see his face! The sonographer said that scans like mine were a PITA (I only measured around 2cm larger) as it's such an inexact thing, measuring a big bump!

blackwidow74 Wed 28-Jan-15 15:48:56

28 weeks and measuring 30 ... at 24 I measured 27 ... yet scans show baby is right for dates and water is normal levels ... my midwife uses a tape to measure and I had to tell her my pubic bone does not start at my 'lady bean' ... I'm sure it's down to her music measuring in my case but gave a growth scan booked for Friday due to issues in last preg so will know better then smile

TheWildRumpyPumpus Wed 28-Jan-15 15:50:22

I measured big throughout. DS2 was 11lb 3oz! But a much easier birth and recovery than Ds1 who was 8lb 13oz, so don't worry about it too much!

Eminybob Wed 28-Jan-15 15:59:51

I was measuring a few weeks big from around 28 weeks. I had a scan at 32 weeks because of a low lying placenta picked up on my 20 week scan (which did move) and they were concerned that the baby was big, so I had another scan at 36 weeks in case they wanted to induce (at 40 weeks rather than early) but they were then happy to sign me off at that scan.
I was told I would be having a large baby, so was panicking a bit, but as it happened DS came at 37+4 and was 7lb 2oz which makes me wonder if my dates were wrong the whole time confused

fattymcfatfat Wed 28-Jan-15 16:18:11

Im 15 weeks and have already been rold toexpect a big baby! They said the same with my dd though and she was 7lb 10 so oobviously wrong!

Number3cometome Wed 28-Jan-15 16:22:59

I'm all for telling them I don't want to be measured.
I am pretty sure it has no bearing on the size of the baby and is just a form filling / tick boxing excercise.

I was tiny with DS, everyone commented on how small my bump was, he was 9lb.

DD was 8lb 2oz at 38 weeks, I wasn't massive, but quite big. Probably just normal.

They want me to have a GTT as apparently these were overly big babies - erm I don't think so!!

BlueberryWafer Wed 28-Jan-15 16:24:18

My bump was measuring 36 weeks at 32 weeks, but when I went for a growth scan the baby was right in the middle of the percentile lines smile it seems they were just lying in a funny position so making my belly stick out more. Ds consistently measured 3-4 weeks ahead, and he was 8lb 4oz when born, so not huge! Try not to worry smile

LittleGreyCatwithapinkcollar Wed 28-Jan-15 16:36:44

I was measuring 31 weeks at my last app (28 weeks) - midwife said it was probably just my unusually long abdomen. (She actually said large, then corrected herself to long!) But they will monitor it she said - didn't seem at all worried so I thought I'd probably just follow her lead!

onthematleavecountdown Wed 28-Jan-15 18:10:50

Don't worry the tape is really inefficient at measuring!

I am constantly measuring 3 weeks ahead. Been scanned a lot as have gestational diabetes and baby is bang on 50th percentile and water volume is average level.

jmojo Wed 28-Jan-15 19:16:14

Measuring really is only a way of identifying women who may need a scan to see if all ok with growth/liquor/placental function. It isn't exact but it does result in lots of babies with problems being picked up. So whilst it seems an unnecessary stress when all turns out to be well, it does help in some situations. Even scan estimates of weight can be off, but the alternative is to do nothing, and some babies or mums could suffer as a result.

hazel88 Wed 28-Jan-15 19:36:03

Thanks so much ladies for sharing all of your experiences grin

HappyIdiot Wed 28-Jan-15 19:47:51

I measured way off the charts big from about 35 weeks, was ok up till then. I was sent for a late GTT test and a growth scan. I was told to expect a big baby and I would be induced if I haven't delivered by 40+5. Which wasn't necessary as the niggly pains I was getting while I was waiting at the hospital for the growth scan turned out to be contractions! smile

My community midwife phoned up the hospital the day dd was born to find out how big she was, because she was sure she would be a whopper. She was a very average 8lb 2oz.

hazel88 Thu 29-Jan-15 11:42:16

I've just been given an appointment for the scan tomorrow morning at 11, will keep you posted!

hazel88 Fri 30-Jan-15 13:07:25

Went for the scan this morning and they estimate DD is of 'average' weight at 7 1/2lbs, and will weigh around 9lbs by the due date. There is slightly more than average fluid around baby which they want to monitor with regular 4 x daily blood sugars for 5 days just to check I don't have gestational diabetes, but the Midwife said it's more than likely to be for no reason why I'm carrying a little extra fluid. My blood sugar reading was 4.7 today (I'm allowed to safely go up to 8).

Feeling very much releived and was happy to see DD kicking the Sonographer off when she was looking at her bottom (and rightly so haha). Now home with a cuppa, phew smile

jmojo Fri 30-Jan-15 15:34:20

Good news!!

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