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No LMP but digi saying 1-2 weeks pregnant.

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Allstoppedup Tue 27-Jan-15 09:20:32

Got a BFP yesterday for number 2!

Really happy! I was SUPPOSED to wait a week to do my digi as yesterday's were quite faint and I didn't want to waste a digital if it was too early...

Obviously this morning I couldn't resist and did it. It has come up as 1-2 weeks and says that my Dr would date this at approx 3-4.

I don't have periods due to PCOS and so have no real clue when I ovulated. As DP and I thought we would struggle due to my lack of periods we just DTD every day/ ever other day so not really a clue when conception could have occured?

Anyone else have an idea how far along I might 'clinically' be...I'm just having fun trying to work out when my scans will be/guess at a due date!

Swanny84 Tue 27-Jan-15 09:23:49

I was told to add 2 weeks to the digi result and was accurate for me, congratulations x

Number3cometome Tue 27-Jan-15 09:41:37

My Clearblue said 1-2 weeks and I was 1-2 weeks past ovulation.
I had a scan at 8 weeks which confirmed, but was then moved forward a week at my 12 week scan (although I think it was just because the baby is bigger)

Allstoppedup Tue 27-Jan-15 10:22:08

Thank you! I was sure that if it was literally 1-2 weeks since conception I wouldn't be showing yet if that makes sense!

The adding two weeks makes a bit more sense. Now just the nervous wait hoping everything is as it should be!

bakingtins Tue 27-Jan-15 10:26:18

It does mean 1-2 weeks since conception/ovulation. The only reason it is the same as "3-4 weeks pregnant" is because the NHS date pregnancy based on the assumption that every woman has a 28 day cycle and ovulates day 14 every month.

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