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Ikea cot - cot top changer

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purplebiro Mon 26-Jan-15 20:17:17

We're limited on space and funds so are planning on getting a fairly basic Ikea cot and mattress for when LO arrives and also want a cot top changer...but Ikea don't seem to do them. Does anyone know if any of the other shops do any that are compatible/universal?

MissHobart Mon 26-Jan-15 20:26:31

My friend got hers from kiddicare, we'll be doing the same on an Ikea cot!

Dailylurker Mon 26-Jan-15 20:45:23

Just something to note, if you have a boy their wee can go a long way, if they wee it could end up all over the cot and all the bedding...

sleepybee Mon 26-Jan-15 21:25:47

Hey check out Mokee website their cots are same size as ikea gulliver & have matching top changer thing plus they are they same price range think about £5 dearer but they come in all different colours. We are getting the Aqua one I love it envy

NeedaDiscoNap Mon 26-Jan-15 21:28:17

I have an ikea cot and we got a cot top changer from Babies R Us - £19.99:

NeedaDiscoNap Mon 26-Jan-15 21:30:14

Oops! Forgot link - here

Jaffakake Mon 26-Jan-15 22:10:37

I have an ikea leksvik (sp?) cot and a mothercare cot top changer (£20 ish padded thingy). It worked a dream for ds1 & I've just bought another changer for use for ds2.

PretzelPrincess Tue 27-Jan-15 00:02:26

We got this and it's fab. It's light enough to lift with one hand but still really sturdy. DS is 11 months now and we still use it everyday.,default,pd.html

purplebiro Tue 27-Jan-15 19:43:49

Brilliant, thanks all.

purplebiro Tue 27-Jan-15 21:23:22

Wow sleepybee - the Mokee stuff is GORGEOUS! Was going to rely on cheapo castoffs and freebies but might need to find something in the budget for this...

Artandco Tue 27-Jan-15 21:27:40

Personally I would suggest just a changing mat on regular chest of drawers or floor. The cot changers as someone mentioned mean potential messy/ spills all over bedding. Also you need to empty poo in toilet in both reusable and disposable nappies so once bigger the Mat just on bathroom floor when needed is a) more hygienic b) easy to empty nappy/ wash hands c) baby can't roll off. We kept mat behind bathroom door. But for newborn just on regular dresser so not bending down so much

purplebiro Tue 27-Jan-15 22:24:37

We won't have a chest of drawers (we have a small wardrobe with drawers and hanging space) and I have major back issues so floor is out. I think it's either this or changing table. OR - and feel free to laugh me out of town for this, I am having serious baby brain this week, I left my laptop in a cafe this morning - the wardrobe we'll be using is an Ikea it completely insane to try to use one of the pull out plastic drawers?

Artandco Tue 27-Jan-15 22:45:04

Do you have any sideboard in house? When I said drawers we actually used a small
Cupboard in hallway

poocatcherchampion Tue 27-Jan-15 22:49:46

Doubt that drawer will be strong enough. A proper mdf one might do for a good while

NotMrsTumble Tue 27-Jan-15 22:54:40

The mothercare thingy linked to above is really sturdy - copes with dc3 at 27lb .

Hazchem Wed 28-Jan-15 06:21:57

If you have back issues the floor might actually be better as you don't need to bend at weird angle. When you change on the floor you can sit however you like and do the change, or knee. We did that first time round and found it really good. we just used a towel on the floor. so much so that even with a load more space we have done the same again. Also no worries about them falling off.

NeedaDiscoNap Wed 28-Jan-15 22:49:09

The cot top changer I have is at the perfect height for me to avoid bending awkwardly/back problems. I'm quite small, and originally planned on using a mat on top of the chest of drawers (ikea) but once it was built realised I couldn't reach comfortably blush.

We got the cot top one in the end because I had an emergency section so wouldn't have been able to change DD on the floor. I've never had overspill onto bedding in 8 months as the sides are quite deep (I do use old towels to line it though).

The rolling thing is an issue when they are able to roll - my DD is now able to hook her legs over the side so I have to watch her like a hawk. Luckily she's not too squirmy so no issues changing her. I just pop her in the cot when I need to wash my hands etc.

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