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Can you guess the sex? (Yes I said SEX not gender) [wink]

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Number3cometome Mon 26-Jan-15 14:23:12

Hi ladies,

This is my 12 week scan (although was 13 + 5)

Can you guess the sex? We find out officially on the 14th all being well.

You cannot see the nub, so skull theory only!

supersupersupershock Mon 26-Jan-15 14:36:21

Sorry no idea but giggled at you saying SEX not gender.... well done! Think those who like to rant about this subject should contact all those large scan organisations who advertise it as Gender Scan.... and tell them all off wink

Number3cometome Mon 26-Jan-15 14:44:32

I agree!!

I agree with what they are saying, it is a 'sexing' scan, but I have just paid for a 'Gender scan' so fully expecting my child to be dressed in pink or blue when I see it on the scan haha

supersupersupershock Mon 26-Jan-15 15:11:27

grin when is your scan - if I remember from another thread you are similar EDD to me? I'm 21 July. Got 'Gender Scan' next weds - super excited!

Number3cometome Mon 26-Jan-15 15:14:31

Yep i'm due 19th July, booked a scan with Baby Bond, the 'Just Gender' scan on the 14th Feb smile

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