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Not gaining weight

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Zahrah5 Mon 26-Jan-15 11:19:10

I am starting to be slightly concerned about my weight gain.

I gained only 2 kg from my pre-pregnancy weight and that all was before 18w. I did not gain since.
I changed my diet since I found out I am pregnant and eating lots of fruit and veg. I was never a big eater and always ate little (kids portions). Now I am not even having any crazy huger. More or less I have to force mysef to eat regularly.
At my last MW appt she measured me and said my bump was fine for 25w. She did not weight me.
My next appt was supposed to be at 28w according to NHS schedule but my hospital was all booked and could not offer it. So next I see midwife will be in my 31 week.

I am concerned about the growth of the baby and whether it has everything it needs. I am not sure if I should wait to voice my concerns until 31w appointment or whether it could be late in case something is wrong.

I came to a point I dont care about healthy eating anymore, I just want to gain, I started to eat lots of pasta.

Pisghetti Mon 26-Jan-15 11:29:25

There's nothing wrong with eating healthily and it is probably the best way of ensuring you have the right nutrients. It's also worth bearing in mind that baby will take whatever it needs from you - it is you that will go without.

I'd keep eating healthily but try and increase the calorie intake - nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil are easy ways of whacking up the calories in a healthier way. Use real butter on your bread, add cheese to your pasta (you'll need the calcium through the last trimester particularly and even more if you're breastfeeding) and make a hot chocolate with full fat milk before bed. Also don't be afraid to treat yourself if you want to.

LojizticallySpeaking Mon 26-Jan-15 11:35:15

Were you overweight at the start of pregnancy?

I had a BMI of 43 when I attended my booking in appointment blush and actually lost 2lbs by the time I went into hospital and left hospital 1.5st lighter than pre-pregnancy. My consultant was pleased with this but obviously if you're underweight not gaining might be an issue.

TheFairyCaravan Mon 26-Jan-15 11:37:41

When I had DS2 I only put on 11lbs, which is about 5kgs, during the whole pregnancy. He was 8lbs when he was born at 37 weeks.

I would try to eat little and often if you can. I am sure if your midwife was worried she'd have said something.

Zahrah5 Mon 26-Jan-15 11:42:34

I am eating all that stuff, I was not overweight, I was about 66kg, height 160cm.
I was never dieting or doing much of healthy eating, I always ate lots of sweets.
Now I am eating lots of cheese, pasta with carbonara sauce, bacon, avocados, nuts, dried fruit, drink full milk lattes, various little dairy-based desserts, one ice cream cone before bed.
and still nothing.

ToriB34 Mon 26-Jan-15 12:12:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HazleNutt Mon 26-Jan-15 12:19:22

160/66 is not underweight and your diet sounds healthy. If you have cut out a lot of sweets, it's quite possible not to gain weight. I would not worry, especially if the MW said all is fine.
If you are still worried, you can always talk to the MW again and see if they can squeeze you in for an extra check. Always better to talk to them than to stress about it.

stantonjulie Mon 26-Jan-15 13:41:14

I didn't put any significant weight on until 3rd trimester and I'm nearly 1 stone lighter than with my 1st but bump and and baby are right size. I've had terrible heartburn so v restricted by what and how much I can eat (and continued to exercise 2-3 times / week until week 37). From what I can gather I'll end up straight back to pre pregnancy weight so no complaints there - just the flab to get rid of!

smogsville Mon 26-Jan-15 16:43:36

OP I would be more concerned about missing 28 wk appointment if I were you.

It's simply not good enough for the hospital to say they are all booked up.

If you're nearby I would go in and insist on an appointment or call to speak to a senior midwife and don't take no for an answer. The 28 wk appointment isn't optional, it's part of your care plan.

Best of luck with your pregnancy.

Zahrah5 Mon 26-Jan-15 17:12:05

yes, smogsville that is my other concern

this hospital is always booked up, I have missed my NT test due to them booking me at 13+6 (last possible day for NT) while in meantime I was privately dated to be while ahead so was actually 14+5 at scan date.

my 16w appt they booked me for date when I was 19w as they were full, later I went there and insisted on them giving something earlier but it was very painfull.

Looks like they are just too busy and full, the receptionist was not helpful at all, she literally said she is not here to change people's appts.

I really dont know what to tell her when she said XY date is the earliest she has.
They had appt open with consultant but midwife said it is not neccesary as I am low risk with no issues (so far). But it doesnt mean I am not concerned about wellbeing of my baby!

Now I am also worried that i will not get booked for my 33w appt as well on time.

Jaffakake Mon 26-Jan-15 19:30:10

I think you should raise your concerns about the hospital with the PALS service, or maybe your MP. You're not getting the care you should be really. My hospital covers a very big population and last time I gave birth they were at maximum capacity, but I've never had a problem getting an appointment.

My sil only gained just under a stone during her 2nd pregnancy cos she was running around after ds1. Her baby was just fine. If you're eating the right things and are eating regular meals you'll be fine. Try not to worry but eat regularly and especially when you are hungry. Learning to listen to your body's messages is the best thing you can do for now, and afterwards.

jmojo Tue 27-Jan-15 04:00:22

A lot of hospitals don't even weigh you anymore, if uou are a normal bmi at booking. The reason being that a lot of the weight you gain is you, and by measuring the bump you get s better idea of the baby's size. If there seems to be a problem they would see you the next week and/or send you for a scan.
So far as the 28 wk apt goes, that is one that they check your iron level at, but they can do that at 31 wks too, some hospitals for glucose tests then too for diabetes. Which should be done at or before 28 wks. So it depends on what is done at your hospital. I would call and ask to speak to the antenatal clinic manager. Don't worry about bugging her, just say you want to clarify it is ok.

smogsville Tue 27-Jan-15 15:09:43

OP I've never heard of this nonsense about being all booked up you need your appointments don't put up with it!

Have a look in the front of your notes it should have a schedule of care. Just take it in and refuse to move from the front of the queue until they book you in.

I know sometimes care is shared between hospitals and GPs so double check that you're not supposed to be seeing your GP for certain appointments.

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